Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Holiday

I had planned on blogging regularly but life just seems to have gotten so complicated. Hopefully I can get back to some kind of routine soon.

At the very last minute we had to cancel our holiday. Hubby's torn Rotator some other health issues with him just made it impossible to go anywhere at this time. I have no idea if I am spelling some of these medical conditions correctly but really...don't care. We are now waiting for Dr. appointments and will go on from that point. Don't you love the hurry up and wait!!! Ugh!!

In the past 2 weeks or so we have gotten one phone call after another of horrible car accidents involving friends families plus the death of another young friend. It all has been overwhelming to say the least.

When life starts to hit you like this you just have to take it one day at a time. There is always somone out there that is having a worse day..and we ALL need to think of that.

Isn't it incredible when you think about it one point we knew 2 young people fighting for there lives in ICU in one week at the same major trauma hospital in Toronto. The poor families..oh my!! Both are going to live but have some very hard days ahead of them.

Funeral of Friday for our young friend. She leaves behind a loving family and a young girl without her Mom. I just hope they find out what took her life. I know not knowing must be so hard for the family. She was fine..then was in the hospital and lost her fight. A mystery to many Dr.s. How sad for them after such a hard battle by both the Dr.'s and there patient.

So now to pray that life will not bring such sad news again for awhile. Have a great day everyone and treasure them. I will be back when I can.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Perfect Weather

What perfect weather we have had yesterday and today. Bright sunny days in the mid 20's. Hubby did more work at the barn while I puttered around our yard at the house.

A few days ago I went to visit my friend Ann. Her home is on a river going out to one of the 2 lakes I live close to. The mirror image of the boats in the marine with the back drop of the trees..oh my!! She does her sewing and gets to look out over that scene every day. Isn't it something???!!!!!

The leaves are starting to change but we need a few more frosty nites to get some true color going. This is the weather I love to get in the car and tour around getting pictures of our wonderful countryside.

Enjoy the day...I know I am going to!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mariner's Compass

It is DONE..a work in progress for many years. The first slowdown was because of my knee replacement surgery. My knee got so sore I could not sew. When I look back on that period in my life now I can not get over pain being that bad. Imagine not being able to use the pedal of a sewing machine!!!. Thank heavens for the technology of My new knee is pain free and worth every minute of the therapy that went along with the surgery.

So back to sewing and embroidery. I wanted to head back to class and finish the quilt but kept putting it off in favor of other projects. You know what it is like..always something else out to do!!!! In the midst of those few years I noticed my eyes getting worse and found from my Dr.'s it was only going to get worse. So I have been scrambling to get this quilt done and several others. This quilt I got to the sawtooth stage then had to give up. I knew that putting the boarders on and doing the last of this quilt was going to be to much for me. So I asked my wonderful teacher Kim Bolender if she would not only quilt it as she usually does for me but finish the last of my quilt top. She is one very busy lady but agreed to finish the top for me. After all these years.. it is done!!!! I still love the fabric and the pattern.

I have one more queen size quilt to get quilted. It is just blocks so nothing special. It can get quilted next. Now I am just going to play around with small projects. No more cross grain sewing for I love the challenge of some difficult patterns but those days are over. My low vision has gotten worse so I will just do what I can really enjoy without frustration.

It rained buckets last nite..what a splish splash mess at the barn..yuck. We need the rain so I should not complain. The Lindsay Fair is on this weekend so I do feel sorry for all the organizers that have worked so hard. We have friends showing horses and I would love to

Keep dry..and enjoy the day!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Fence

What a busy weekend we had!!! Hubby has wanted to replace fence boards at the barn for years. With him only home weekends we always have a list of things to be done that is longer than the Finally a great weekend weather forcast sent us to the lumber yard for our repairs. This weekend we have only one section to do and we are done.

Our biggest challenge were ardox nails (not sure of spelling If there was one of those nails there were 10 in each board..OMG!!! The new boards are up with screws..enough of the nails. Never again!!!! Our young friends that keep there horses at the barn were a wonderful help with taking boards down and removing nails. My dear husband has a torn rotator cuff so could only use one arm so it was a lot of work but it is done. (he is going for surgery as soon as we can get im in..that is aother story!!!)

The horses were priceless..they helped with each board. Doc the dark Quarter horse was in our way the entire Murphy..well he came and went to check things out. Pepsi and Willy the mini's..OMG. Pepsi was into the bag of screws every time I put the bucket down..he wanted to sneak off with a bag so badly. I have to say they were a riot!!!

Old boards that had way past there time..gone!!! At one time many years ago it was a stallion pen so it had multiple boards that also had seen better days. If hubby was away and a repair had to be done I have to admit I did some pretty messy fixes to hold til they could be fixed All gone..and repaired. In the spring we are going to have to replace some of the we can take some of the boards down (nice part of using screws) for that part and put them step at a time. What a huge to stain the boards. Just hope the weather will hold so we can get that done before winter.

A huge thank you to all our help. Never could have done it without them and I am not talking about the

Several sewing things going on. My Mariner's Compass is back from being quilted so will get some pictures today. I am over the top excited to see it finished. My farm quilt is coming along nicely and another project for Christmas in 1/2 done. I have a new pair of glasses that are helping with my sewing so that is a huge bonus for me to be able to spend time in my little room.

Enjoy the is going to rain here for the next few days. Can not complain..we are in need of rain in our area..many wells in trouble..not good this time of year.

Bye for now


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Finally

Can't say I have enjoyed the humid weather this past summer. This is great. Temps in the 20's is fine with Hay and Straw being collected out of the fields...all the big bales. Everyone getting ready for winter. People tease me about my barn talk. I am one happy camper when the barn is full of hay and the back shed is full of shavings to keep the horses comfy for there winter days inside. One more load of shavings and I am ready.

On the weekend I headed over to Bobcaygeon to the Quilt Show. It is held in a pioneer village. The stories behind each building is worth the tour in itself. The show was just amazing. I did not take any pictures which is different for me. I think I was just so taken with all the incredible work I just did not slow down this year to do that.
One quilt really will not leave this little mind of mine. It was an antique quilt ..oh the hand stitching was so impressive. Tiny stitches back and forth across the entire quilt..row after row..1/4 apart in hand stitches ..OMG!!! The colors were so similar to what we see took me a few minutes to understand just how old the quilt was. What I loved hearing was it is on a bed..not stuck in a closet all packed away. Sometimes it is stories like that that make the entire show memorable.

This week has not started off that great. Heading to a specialist tomorrow for a root canal. Ugh!! I am so not a fan of the Not many people are..but I have "history" so I am not a good patient. Oh well has to be done.

Time to head out and get some more pictures once this is over. Have a great day!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Posting Troubles..AGAIN

I can not get into my Yahoo account to pick up my mail. I can post ..I think!! What is whith this Gmail thing as well. I don't want a Gmail account it keeps messing with my yahoo account. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know as a comment. Somehow even google is messed up with it all. I can not read the securtiy code they want me to use..and when I use the audio it does not work to the point it will not take even my email address to let me get to a sign in page now. Oh man!!!!
Hope all is well with everyone out there.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Went Visiting

Yesterday it RAINED..OH my did it RAIN!!! Not going to complain other than I looked like someone had pitched me into the lake by the time the horses were I have a friend that boards dogs and had called me to say they had 2 Great Pyreneese staying with them and would I like to come for a visit. Well I could not get out of the house fast enough ( in dry We owned a Great Pyr at few years ago and Sam was without a doubt the best dog ever. It broke our hearts when at only 7 we had to say goodbye. He had cancer and also his hips were in bad shape. One of the downfalls with a large dog. These lovely boys are father and son. What a lovely pair. I used my phone for pictures so they are not the best. These dogs you see guarding sheep most of the time and only make a good house dog if you are ready for the demands of a dog THAT big around your home. It never bothered me but to some it would be way to

Today we are back to sunshine again and warm weather. Spent the day sewing and a few chores in town and the day is almost over. Time to head to the barn for evening chores. I hope everyone is keeping cool. Seems this warm weather is hitting a lot of areas pretty hard.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Busy Month

What a busy month. Two weddings to attend in heat like we have not seen in many years here in Ontario. Steady heat that is. Yes it does get warm..but in the evening it is supposed to cool down..not this year. Day after day of mid to high 30's plus humidity. Some people can handle it..I can't. Plain and simply can't. Finally it has broken and I am feeling much better.

One wedding down and another this coming weekend. The first wedding was outside and just gorgeous. A farm wedding that could not have been any better. The next wedding will be at a Golf Course and inside. From one end of the scale to the

Finally I have convince hubby to take a break from work and we are heading to visit friends in Florida. They have horses and it is a home away from home. They also have a Great Pryeneese so my life is complete when visiting We have been friend for many years so I can't wait to have an extended visit. I want to fly..and hubby wants to drive. I am not happy about the driving. He wants to take the Focus so it will be good on gas. OMG!!! short trips are fine in it..but that long a drive I am not a happy camper!!!!! I am hoping I can change his mind!! MEN!!! We are still in the planning stages on just when we will go but it will be this fall in Sept or Oct. Can't wait to have some free time with no schedule. My only trouble is I worry when I am not here to look after my animals..but I have also to learn to "let go"

It is hard to beleive but this is the end of another summer coming up as they used to say!! Once August hits parents are thinking ahead to kids going back to school. With the bad weather in May and June we have had a short summer so I hope August and September are good weather months for us.

I got my window toppers made and my pillow shams so at least I got something done. My Mariner's Compass quilt is ready to be quilted along with my laptop quilt. Things are gettng done slow but sure.

Enjoy this cooler weather.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunny Hay Days!! We are DONE!!!

Such a happy camper, the hay is in the barn. Done, finished complete!!! Now to enjoy the summer and not worry abouut hay for another year. We had a wonderful crew that made it so easy. What great workers. Hubby suffered the most with the dust with his allergies but the young just fine.

Another gorgeous warm day. I met the farrier early this morning to trim the little mini's. Put the big boys and the old pony in the barn with fans on. Everyone was happily snoozing when I I am sticking to a/c at the house and doing some sewing. Looks like we could get a thunderstorm at some point.

Enjoy the day!!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Awesome Summer Days!!

This was the last day our field looked this way. Now it is cut and drying to get baled and put into the barn. No rain forcast in the next few days so we are happy about that.

This old farm had its day. The barn in the picture is now empty along with the house. So many stories and family times come from this farm. It is so sad to see it just sitting with no life to it. No family, no animals, no family excitment over looking after the land. Not to say the nice people that own it don't care..they do but it is not being used as an active farm supporting a famil like it was for so many years. How sad and that is the way it is all over our countries. The falling apart of the family farm is part of what has gone wrong with our countries. The owner of this farm was nice enough to let us take the hay off which was nice of him. This has nothing to do with him. A lot of it boils down to the price of the land and how much equipment costs..and just how HARD it is to work a farm. Breaks my heart to see the barn falling apart and the house in the shape it really should be taken down. Oh well I guess that is another thing we can not change..time marches on. In any case some of the story will continue int that the little yellow barn got its hay from these fields.

Have a great day everyone..don't forget the sunblock it is supposed to be a Finally we are into SUMMER!!!


Monday, July 4, 2011

July And Warm

What a busy weekend. So pleased I got my grocery shopping done earlier in the week. Living in a tourist area makes you plan ahead on holiday weekends. Only one quick trip was necessary over the weekend to town. Perfect!!! Some have taken today as a holiday as well. Can't say I blame them. The weather is just gorgeous.

Hubby and I spent some time working at the barn getting ready for the hay. Looks like it will be cut this week. The upstairs at the barn needed to be swept out and a few things moved around. I think we are ready. Also time to paint and spruce things up a little. I would love to spray the entire inside but I don't think that will happen this year. Some major fence repairs are needed so that will be done first. Bill and Max have managed to chew on some of the boards and now need to be replaced. I have put my old fashioned rememdy of Ivory Soap on the fence line that they like to mess with and that seems to have far. Worse than kids for getting into things.

I just love this picture. It is of Morgan our youngest granddaughter on the railway bridge in Fenelon Falls. She is looking out over our lake which is Cameron Lake. To the left of the picture on the other side of the lake is our Cameron Lake is part of the Trent Canal System which joins our lakes all the way up to Georgian Bay. I was lucky enough to grow up on this wonderful system and enjoyed boating every summer for most of my grade school years. This was the day of Graduation at the Public School..she has only one more year to go and then off to High School. Hard to believe her sister goes to High School this year. Wow!!

Hope the weather is as fine in your area as it is here..enjoy!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The traffic is rolling!! Long Weekend!!

The traffic has started to roll. Trailers with boats..or just stuff, buses, mobile name it they are all streaming north. It is a gorgeous day out there. Nice breeze which is keeping the bugs at bay.

My Mom..who is 91 now has picked up a dandy head cold. She sure does not need that. So far it is all in her head so I hope it stays that way. No way was I allowed to visit in case I picked it up. So I made a chicken pot pie for her this morning and delivered it. She was I know by that she is feeling not the best. Normally Mom loves to cook so if she is pleased to have me cook I know she is down. Imagine this time of year a cold..Ugh!!!

Royalty is in Ottawa this year for Canada Day..I will be sure to have the TV on to see all the celebrations. The Duke & Dutchess of Cambridge ,Wils & they seem to be called are going to be in Ottawa. It should be a grand site with the RCMP horses pulling the antique carriage. Very impressive history to the carriage if you get time to Google it. The crowds should be incredible. Believe it or far they are calling for a sunny day..perfect!!!

Our friends from Thailand are arriving tomorrow for several yummy new recipies to try out!!. Just hope the weather holds so they enjoy there holiday. I have several Basil plants doing very well so lets hope they can keep us supplied with enough leaves.

Early this morning I was up and out feeding the horses and in to town to grab groceries early. So if everything goes right I should be able to stay home forr the weekend other than trips to the barn. Suits me fine.

Have a wonderful safe weekend everyone. Happy Canada Day & July 4th.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pepsi is just a riot..we have So much fun with him. Our other mini Willy is very loving but does not have nearly the personality this guy has. It was a Mexican stand off with hubby and the If he could have I think Pepsi would have gotten in with Rod to help him drive. Since the area was cleaned up we have had so much rain it is all mud. At least with it clean it will dry up nicely..but!! Today finally we have sun so I am sure it will all look a lot better by the end of the day.

Days and days of rain. Still no hay cut or baled. We sure are not alone. People that take holidays to get this done are sure getting pretty fed up!!
Hope the weather changes is a constant in each post I know..but it is so important to us.

Finally my sewing room is back together. On the days it rains at least now I can do some sewing. Some small projects first. I want to make some basket liners for the baskets to sit on the bench in the entrance way. Maybe this evening I will whip them up.

Off to enjoy some sun. Have a great day. I hope it is nice and sunny where ever you are.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sooo!!! Annoying now I can post to my blog. Great. Very happy!!

I still can not make comments on other blogs. Every time I go to chose Typpad..ect..or won't let me in to post. So still having troubles. Sorry I am not responding..need to mess around more and figure out this issue.

Raining cats and dogs here. Ugh!!! The forcast is for rain all weekend as well but after that it looks like sun for the days that are posted so far on the weather networks. Still praying for good haying weather.

Off to work on some other projects...I am done with this problem for now.

Have a great evening...

Internet Explorer 9..was the problem

Finally found out what the problem was with posting on my blog. It was a compatibility with Explorer 9. That will teach me to rush off and upgrade!!! They are still tweaking #9!!!

I just went up to Tools, Compatibility View Settings and clicked on the show all websites.

Oh my I am so happy. Bet there are a lot of people out there having the same problem.

Good luck, hope this tip helps!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Busy Barn Time

Will try writing a post again. Sure hope Blogger is finished with me!!

When the Farrier was at our barn this week he checked out the new horse..and yes he has what looks like an abcess trying to come out. He has shoes on now and is feeling a lot better. It will take time and lots of TLC to get that one hoof right. He will be fine it all just takes time. Been there done all this before. The bugs have been just horrible. Horse flies are huge and the misquitoes are "back"..ugh!!! Just when you want to play and spend time with the horses the bugs chase you Here is a picture of Doc soaking his hoof..and Tippy is not willing to share the It is time for the "new" lad to learn some ground

Been a busy day. I headed out early to pick up gifts for our granddaughters. One is graduating from Public School this year and the other has a Birthday today. They are both off on a school trip today. Niagara Falls. I am sure they are having an awesome time. To bad the weather is not good..been raining all day!! Anyway got there gifts so I am ready for there party on Saturday. Just a few more days and the kids in our area are finished for another year.

I am heading off to the sofa to watch some TV and totally veg..Have a great evening!!

Hopefully I can start posting on Blogs now..!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Blogger Posts & Comments

I hope I can even post this. Blogger is giving me all sorts of trouble. Will be back when I can actually post..grrrr!! and make comments. Can not even log on to leave comments. How frustrating!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Kid On The Block

This lovely Quarter horse has joined our barn. Our boarder sold one of her horses and this is our new lad!! Murphy in the background did not make his arrival welcome at all. It took a few days of separating them before they got along. I was surprised that Murphy was so intense on his finding another horse trailer to load poor Doc on After a few rides out together Murphy finally figured it out that he was staying and that was it. All is well now with the herd!!! Geesh..just like kids!!

Doc has a sweet personality and is in his high teens and very well trained. Just a sweet lad to have in the barn.
On a side note is anyone else having trouble with those darn horse flys that are the size of a 747 jet liner>>OMG!!! The poor horses!!! Masks and spray and they are still miserable. Hope this does not last to long.

Lots of hay cut in the area so lets pray it does not rain for at least a week!!

Enjoy the day...

Friday, June 17, 2011

More pets!!!

When you youngest Granddaughter calls and says..but Gramma..they are going to eat them..what do you say??!! Lol..I could not say no. They can go to the barn when they get bigger and need large cages. They are not dwarfs...nope she had to fall for very large They have been here 2 weeks now and have over doubled there size so it will not be long before they are at the barn. In the meantime we are having fun with them.

The dog and cat visit regularly. Both rabbits seem pretty interested in the

Saturday is moving day for them. We have a nice large crate for them at the barn so I am sure by then they are going to need it.

Friday already, how did that happen. Off to do chores. Have a great weekend everyone.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Just a Tad Busy!!

I have not stopped since my last posting. Sorry to my friends for not posting on there blogs. Time has gotten ahead of me..and it is time to get into a routine again.

Our hay is ready to please pray for some nice sunny breezy days so we can get this huge job done. I am hoping all the help we have lined up are able to help when needed. So often hay is ready when people have other plans. You hate to tie someones life up with it "it all depends on the weather" comment.

Speaking of weather we are down another tree at the house. A tornado hit a small community just north of us..and we got the edge of that severe storm. I was working around the house and had not been paying much attention to the sky. We had a warning of a thunderstorm with ..all the possibilities listed..of what goes along with that. Bang crash and the came Wow!! We were lucky but our friends north of us were hit badly. No one killed..thank heavens..but lots of damage. Hydro crews are all over. It will take a long time to clean it all up. People living down country roads will be even longer than the town families. Years ago hydro cut there forestry budget..humm..maybe they will rethink that.

Ooops never posted this so will do be back with more Off to Costco and Fabricland.

Enjoy your day..going to be warm.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rain & Dandelions

Yes it is raining again. Last nite on the news some brave soul had the nerve to say we are under the level for the month still. Right!!! As the kids say "Whatever"

Everytime I get to the point I can go out and get some weeding rains again..and don't even try to paint..!!!ugh!! The garage door and all the trim needs to be done and it is still waiting!! The dandelions are doing just great. We have a lot of grass and it is a chore to keep it under control when it is like this. With the new rules about spraying the yellow flowers are all over the yard. Way to much yard for me to be wandering around trying to pull them all. I swear my husband is going to have the big one over those yellow Oh how fussy he is about his lawn. I wish he took the same amount of interest in the garden. I should not complain about the garden..he has plenty to do at the barn. With him only home on weekends it is like a 3 ring circus around here trying to get things done.

Only one more month and we will hopefully be into haying time again. I keep watching the field across from the barn that is our hay..and it is jumping nicely. We opened the gate for the big boys so they could go out to pasture for the summer. It was one of the nicer days and I had just gotten them fly masks..with ears..LOL. On the warm days the blackflys and regular flys have been just wicked. They have worn them before but Max usually gets his off and that is the end of it. This year I thought I would try again. Well..I would have been better to get another color. They look like oversized donkeys..LOL. I have to modify the, they are a little large for Bill I think was totally embarassed the way he walked out of the How could she do this to me!!!

After lunch we went back to the barn to let them out to pasture. Bill was having a nap on the nice warm ground but it did not take him long to figure out that hubby and Max were heading for the gate. The beginning of another great summer for the my dear old lads. They sure love there time out there.

Well everyone enjoy the day surely it will dry out soon. My heart goes out to all the people that are suffering in the USA and in our own Canada with some of the violent weather we are having.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quilt Show Time

It is that time of year again. Quilt Shows just about every weekend. Husbands are left alone to fend for It is so inspiring to get out there and look around. The talent is incrdible. Then of course there is the Just what all quilters don't need is more fabric but that does not stop

I have played with the Aququilt Go Cutter at different times...but this past weekend I looked a little closer at it. This wonderful little machine cuts your fabric for you. It does not come cheaply but if it will keep me sewing a little longer( I am having trouble with my eyes) then I think I may buy one. Different blogs have draws for them but the way things go with will be better off to just buy one. I think I will save my good luck charm for the Even buying the basic templates will be a great help.

If anyone close to me is interested I am selling my B-Line Quilt Frame along with the Cruise Control for the Husqvarna Mega Quilter Sewing Machine. It cost me over $1,300 plus tax and shipping. I am selling the table and the above for $750.

If you do not have the MegaQuilter they are a fantastic straight stitch machine that you can use on or off the frame. It is my favorite machine..and I do have a few In any case go to a Husqvarna Dealer and check out the machine. It is a great buy for only 1,300. The large throat space also makes it great for quilting without the frame for smaller items.

With the distortion and blind spots when sewing and doing work up close I am changing my sewing methods. So far it is working well. Things take longer to do but again that is ok.

Well off to do some work in the garden. The rain has everything growing like crazy..especially the weeds..ugh!!!

Enjoy the day everyone!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy Bee!!

Not much spare time around here these days. Between sewing and the barn I have been on the run for the last few weeks.

Our friends have new stall curtanins that needed some embroidery. The curtains are used during show season. We had 2 hydro outages during the time of the embroidery so I was a nervous wreck. Finally finished and happy to say it seems the hydro is also ok. I did a test stitchout and it worked out great..and now have done 8 curtains. Done!!! I will get a picture at the first big fair!!! They are going to look great.

After the second power outage our phone and internet went down. Well for some people that is not a big deal. I had the 7th of 8 embroideries just out of the machine when that happened. We had a crew working on replacing the 2 big windows in our livingroom. Just wonderful. I was not sure what to be greatful the hydro went out after the embroidery was down..or be upset that the guys had to stop working on the window....AND....I had no internet..never mind the hydor..lo.. After a few hours the hydro came back on but the internet and phone would not ..time to call good old Bell Canada.

They said the next day between 8am and 5pm we would have a repair an at the house. Well at around 2pm the truck arrived. I said never mind the phone..(which has to work for the internet) need my internet. It is incredible how much we rely on it to communicate with family and friends. We have friends in other countries..and it is such a wonderful thing to be able to talk on a regular basis this way. What a great guy came to get us back in working order again. It was a challenge to find out what was wrong..but he did it. He was friendly explained everything so nicely..and was so helpful. I had to call Sympatico several times..but they also worked wonders to get my modem working again. The 2 hard crashes of the hydro did not do my poor modem any favours. So now all is back to whatever normal is around here.

The windows are installed and are great. The guys were a dream to have also. How lucky am I to get good people helping me. Our old livingroom windows were very it is great to look out and see our wonderful view of the lake so clearly now. If anyone in my area ever needs new sure to check out Nortech Home Improvements out of Bobcaygeon, Ontario. Mike and Seth were the team I had this time..and have delt with other teams previously and always been pleased with there work. Isn't this an awesome view??? In the morning..the loons are singing..what can I say..I love it!!! Yes we do have a hwy out there..but the noise does not bother me. I don't even notice it. It is a plus in the winter..I can always get out. Our pond that goes out to the lake is a haven for all sorts of bird and other wildlife. The turtles are a constant worry when they are on the move to on the mower off the mower to move Good exercise..I

Well off to do some outside work while the weather is good. Enjoy the day!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Weather

The weather has been up and down. Today a possiblility of snow..then more rain. I guess we need it but oh to be so close to some nice spring weather. Just itching to get outside for more than a day here and there. Mind you lol..with the horses I am out all the time. Well you know what I mean..without the layers of clothes..ugly boots/coats.

Last evening when we went to do chores..the entire back wall of the leanto for the Clydes had blown down. Now that is wind!!!! It was not was screwed in place. A lot of screws. Will get some pictures today. So now that is going to be a big job trying to either move it out of the field or repair it right there. Some phone calls today to figure that all out. We sure will not be doing it ourselves.

Yesterday with the wind so bad and the was a day for some sewing. Our oldest granddaughter had taken a bad fall with some track pants that were her favorite. A little embroidery on the knee and it is fixed..cute. I know she will be thrilled to have them back. The back of the pants have big bear paws in white..the reason for the
I have not used this machine a lot since I got it for Christmas 2 years ago.
With my eyes acting up I was just not in the mood. Well I am slowly getting used to it. Maybe we can bond after I had gotten so used to my Designer 1 that with the vision issues I was just not putting the time in to learn some of the different features...I think we are going to be

A job I kept putting off is embroiderying hubbys name on uniform shirts..and it is also done. Slowly the list is getting smaller of those little projects.

Later on I want to tell you about "Fat Cat" one of our barn cats. A fellow blogger meantioned about a rescue cat..and I want to tell you about our rescue. It is a story thank heavens with a happy ending. Later today or tomorrow.

Enjoy the day wet or

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brrrr!! Enough Already

No pictures today. Just dropped in to complain about the cold. Most of our snow is gone but the wind chill and cold has been going on for days. It is supposed to warm up in the next day or so thank heavens.

Last week we were lucky enough to avoid a dandy storm that hit the Toronto area. Poor hubby was driving in in ..and to make matters worse it was on his birthday. Poor guy!!! At some point he is looking at a knee replacement so with his leg so sore the added stress of a storm did not help his mood. He was one very tired puppy by the time he got home on the weekend.

Friends had a Birthday brunch for him on Sunday. What a fun time visiting with friends and just hanging out. What an awesome gift he got..never mind the wonderful food...they gave him a gallon jug of Maple Syrup!!! One of his favorites so I can see pancakes on the weekends for weeks to

This is the week of running around. Yesterday I got my hair cut. Today off to the foot clinic. Tomorrow..yippee...Costco. Always have a long list when I go there. I need to watch my spending because of a home repair. Opening the drapes the other morning and there was a huge crack in one of our front windows. Not a happy camper. The windows are old and we had intended on replacing them soon...but hey you know. So the window people have been here and they are on order to be replaced. They are the last of the windows that had to be done so I guess it is a good thing.

Well time to get ready to head off for my appointment. Have a great day everyone. Lets hope we can put away the heavy clothes soon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Splish Splash Slip Slide Spring Is Here

What a under the water and mud combined with it all..ugh!! We have some warm weather for a week so it should be gone shortly. Once things dry out a little we have a big job of spring cleaning to look forward to

The girls are coming along so well with there is an update photo of there gorgeous work.

Off to feed the horses again. Muck boots ready to Enjoy the day!!