Saturday, September 22, 2012

We are Home!

What a journey we have been on. 

Rod's Aneurism  and valve have been repaired and replaced. It was a hard 13 days on him but it is over and now to recover. 

He did have complications that did no t help  and kept him in the hospital longer. The end result is what counts and that is being home again. 

Having never been in the hospital it has been a shock for him to find out about surgery in this way.Pretty good at 67 to have his first surgery. 

Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto is the best and we are so thankful we were referred to a Dr. in that hospital.

The nurses were just amazing. We met several with between 25 to 36 years experience in cardiac care.
 WOW!! What a difference theses wonderful nurses made. 

This wonderful fall weather is great to come home to. It sure changed quickly didn't it??

We were lucky enough to have Rod's sister and husband look after Harry. He had a ball and they were very happy with the way the little fella behaved. (thank heavens)

He sure has grown hasn't

Thank you so much for the messages. 
Helen I have lost your email addy??
Sorry for the spelling my vision is a mess and need to get new software to help with the computer. 

Keep well everyone. Hope to post more often. 

Hubby is walking more now so Harry and I are also getting a few more walks