Thursday, November 25, 2010

Men & Toys

Again.. I am late posting. Not sure how the days and weeks whip by so quickly but they do. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with family and friends.

With this holiday almost over it is on to planning Christmas. Every year it gets harder and harder to get holiday shopping under control. It was so easy when the girls were are Now we are into the teen years so it is a chore. I think we are into the $$ and a small gift stage. This year again I am going to rely on the internet to do most of my shopping. Between gift cards and some phone and internet orders I am hoping to avoid the stores. This weekend the tree goes up. I have a few holiday decorations out now. With the kitten the tree will be secured in the corner with a few more

Yes hubby started his Christmas early this year. He and a buddy decided they should get new cars to play with this Christmas..and should break them in Our friend travels a lot so they spent his last visit home testing out the new cars. I think they get more of a bang out of these toys than the kids that

I have to show you my friends first quilt. Can you imagine she is a new quilter..and also picked out her own fabric. Kim Bolender did the quilting for her. She just has to put the binding on and it is all done. Just love it!!She should be very proud of herself. Now on to another one..she is

Back to my sewing room. Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lavender Ridge..Co Cutter Draw

What a cool little addition to anyones sewing room..the Go Cutter. If anyone is have a short time to get on over to Lavender Ridge and enter your name. Good luck!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Some jobs just take time!!

It all started last week. I went in to town to order new winter tires. After much searching around the internet with the staff at the garage we decided to stick with what worked out before. I had liked the ones I had..those tires were just worn out. Tires had to be ordered.
So a few days later I went in to get them off the the rims..ready to put the new ones on. Nope!! The warehouse had shipped the wrong tires or the number had been wrong..who knows!! Well hey these things happen. Back on with the old ones ordered.
Go back in today to get the new ones on. Now I want you to know..I HATE sitting around waiting for "stuff" to get done. Drives me crazy because all I can think of is all the things I want to do at home.The POOR Girl..!! that works at the garage comes over to me after sometime ...and says..awwww!! we have to put one of your old tires back on the car. They have sent a tire that had a sticker on it with the right number but the numbers ON the tire are not the one we need. Now..I am being is one of those things that happens. The girl has been awesome..and I feel so sorry for has not been her week...or 2 No point in making her feel any worse than she already feels. BUT..OMG!! I have to go BACK to town again tomorrow to get the 4th tire. At this point as much as I know I should NOT say this...darn had better snow..LOL..LOL. I will as of tomorrow be ready!!!

Hey and have you noticed..Daylight Saving Time change is Sunday November 7th. How did we get to November anyway!!

Off to get some sewing much for a day of sewing..will call it an evening of