Monday, February 21, 2011

Finally Christmas Is Complete

Read my post on Jan.12 which will explain this

Do you see you?? That far leg..just fell off when I touched it..a REAL TURKEY should do that! Not like the whatever bird we had on the 25th of Dec. We are thinking now it must have been a wild turkey. The meat was horrible and we all still wanted "turkey" When driving past the farmers field last week there was a huge flock of wild turkeys..need I say any more..LOL.
This bird was awesome. It was 30lb+ and I bought it from our local grocery store. Not taking any chances this time. We invited friends and family to enjoy!! What a great evening. My birthday and our granddaughters are in Feb. so we had cake as well. Lots of laughs about my last attempt at cooking a "turkey". That is ok..we all need to have a few

We had a big melt..and now are back into winter weather. Snow last nite..just a dusting but more to come as the week progresses. It is family day today so Rod doesn't have to head to work until tomorrow morning. He can use the break. Between Nascar starting up for another season and the barn we have kept busy. Did you watch the race on Sunday..OMG..what an ending.

Have a great week everyone!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busy Weekend

Yes..we had to get hay again. That is thing good about all this is that we are not dripping We have had to be creative in getting the hay stored downstairs..but that is also Ok!!

The wind was incredible today. It went up and down all day from around 20km to 60km. A group of snowshoe enthusiast used our entrance to the fields to head back into the bush for a tour. We brought the big boys inside for the afternoon so they would not have to deal with them. After the hay was done hubby and his friend who owns the farm next door went out to make trails for the girls to ride the horses. Between what the snowshoe group did and the work the guys did..they have a great trail to ride tomorrow. Wind is supposed to calm and warmer temps as well..yippee.

After all this we had a wonderful Thai meal. Kitchen is tidy and I am heading to bed..!! Still no sewing...maybe once the weather warms up. These days I seem to be spending most of my time at the How can you not just love a face like this

Have a great weekend all..nite!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Storm is Over!!

Oh how I feel for my friends that had to put up with the freezing rain rather than our snow storm. I can handle snow but the freezing rain is something totally different. The storm started during the night. I was fine until the wind it powerful. That kept on until mid morning. The trip to the barn was not as bad as it could have been..but still it was not good. After the wind died down the snow really started to fall. The drifting had been bad then to add more snow made it even more so. None of this has been as bad as the winter we had several years ago so I really don't think I should complain. To those that got the snow rather than the freezing rain...oh my!! What we got was nothing compared to so many areas. Interesting winter isn't it..grrr!!
Here are a few pictures of the last day or so. Needless to say the horses were inside yesterday and were very happy to get out mid morning after it warmed up..another -23 when I got up..brrrr!!

Leah enjoyed a good roll after being in the barn for a day..I am sure felt good!! Murphy was getting set to do the same once he found a spot.

Gilly is 25yrs this year and the daughter of one of the original Welsh ponies bought from Mrs. Dupont in the USA many years ago. I think I was around 11 years then. How the breed has changed. They don't have the same look anymore sad to say. She is still a very pretty pony..with lots of attitude some Humm..she also needs a good brushing and her mane done, she is shedding already..does this mean an early spring??

Well I am off to the barn..lots of work to be done. Thank heavens for our wonderful boarders who make my life so much easier. They were awesome last weekend helping with the hay. We are all set!!

Lets hope this is the last of the severe storms for awhile. Enjoy the rest of the day!!