Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quilt Show Time

It is that time of year again. Quilt Shows just about every weekend. Husbands are left alone to fend for It is so inspiring to get out there and look around. The talent is incrdible. Then of course there is the Just what all quilters don't need is more fabric but that does not stop

I have played with the Aququilt Go Cutter at different times...but this past weekend I looked a little closer at it. This wonderful little machine cuts your fabric for you. It does not come cheaply but if it will keep me sewing a little longer( I am having trouble with my eyes) then I think I may buy one. Different blogs have draws for them but the way things go with will be better off to just buy one. I think I will save my good luck charm for the Even buying the basic templates will be a great help.

If anyone close to me is interested I am selling my B-Line Quilt Frame along with the Cruise Control for the Husqvarna Mega Quilter Sewing Machine. It cost me over $1,300 plus tax and shipping. I am selling the table and the above for $750.

If you do not have the MegaQuilter they are a fantastic straight stitch machine that you can use on or off the frame. It is my favorite machine..and I do have a few In any case go to a Husqvarna Dealer and check out the machine. It is a great buy for only 1,300. The large throat space also makes it great for quilting without the frame for smaller items.

With the distortion and blind spots when sewing and doing work up close I am changing my sewing methods. So far it is working well. Things take longer to do but again that is ok.

Well off to do some work in the garden. The rain has everything growing like crazy..especially the weeds..ugh!!!

Enjoy the day everyone!!


DeAnna said...

You're an inspiration, Judi!

Delighted Hands said...

Glad to know you will make adjustments to keep on sewing! I would do the same.....