Friday, May 13, 2016

It has been a while


It has been a while....  And I'm not sure who is still watching this blog .

 Lots of things of been happening and unfortunately most of them have been to do with our health .

 We have both had health issues which has taken a lot of time considering we have horses to look

after as well as our house pets . For those  that do not know I am also blind now. Adjusting but it has taken time.

 I thought I'd post a few pictures for fun and hopefully will have time to post here more frequently

 On the 19th I'm going into the hospital to have my left  knee replaced. Lots of changes since the right was done so hopefully not down to long.

This is a picture of our Murphy. Last week we sold him to a wonderful gal that will give him a good home. It broke our hearts but it had to be. We were so lucky the right home was available. Lots of kids to teach to ride so I know he will be happy.

The Clydesdales are still with us along with the Mini horses and dear old Gilly the 32 year old Welsh.
Murphy was young enough for the change.

Enjoy the day..and keep well.