Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finished, Done...Ready

Yes I am, no more shopping..yippee. I think this is a first that I am ready this early. What a great feeling. Now to do some more baking..which is no big deal. Rod is on his last run for the year. For the first time in many years he has the week off between Christmas and New Years. Looking forward to some down time. The long range forcast is for cold but sunny weather. How great is that. Not a snow storm in sight..lol.

I got a call from our neighbor a few days ago wondering if I still had a picture of there Great Dane I had taken a few years ago. He was a sweet old fella and had a stroke and died the day she called. Well I looked all over my computer and finally got my old camera out and there was the picture on it. (which I have sent her) Anyway on that disk were some other pictures I wanted on this computer. This is one of them. Our granddaughers playing on the wagon in front of the barn. They are 12 and 13 now so this was awhile ago. How fast they grown up.

Well off to do some sewing. Hope everyone is enjoying the Season and are all ready for the Big Day...Merry Christmas to all my friends out there. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Windy & Cold

There is lots I need to get done before Christmas and it has had to wait. High winds and snow has made driving to dangerous to head out to do shopping. The horses were in for 2 days (second time in Dec. they have had to stay inside) and finally today we had a break. I was surprised that they went out so calmly. Guess there age is showing. I was hoping to get some good pictures of them playing. The mini's put on a little show but that was it. So today after I got everyone out I headed in to town and got some more shopping done. Before long the stores were very busy so I guess everyone else had the same plan I did..lol.

Last year I posted a cute picture of our Fuzzy cat checking out the Christmas tree. I still miss the little guy so much..what a sweet entertaining little guy he was. Molly the kitten I got from the Human Society is celebrating her first Christmas with us. She is going to be a big cat..man those long legs..lol. Sure enough when the tree went up she was right there.

We have been very lucky here when I look at the news coverage of the Sarnia, Ontario Snow Crisis. Lines of trucks and cars snowed in on the Hwy. Hundreds of people in warming centres and private homes keeping safe until the weather improves. The spin off from this is starting to show up in ways no one had thought of. One area is Propane. All our propane supply comes from Sarnia...so the outlets in our area are running out and the hwy is just open to one lane of traffic. It will take weeks to build up the supply here and hopefully homes will not run out before the trucks can get rolling again. Sure glad our tank is full..for now anyway. It will be interesting to see what else runs low.

Happy that my hubby was not caught in that storm. As it is he is having a challenging winter. Last year was a breeze compared to this winter..and it is only December..geesh!! I am so happy he is off between Christmas and New Years this year..he can use the rest.

Keep warm!! Back to my sewing room..a few gifts to finish off.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mini Blast of Winter

All around us there is massive snow building up as the week progresses. Oh my goodness some people are having a heck of a time of it. Snow is falling lightly so it is accumulating but not to the extent some are getting it. Cold enough -8 with the wind chill it is -18..brrr!! Horses are glad to be in at nite I am sure. At least they seem to be happy to see me at my usual 4pm feeding. With the usual water to be filled up, vitamins ect.,hay and bedding it is usually around 5 - 5:30 before I am finished. I do hope this winter the temps don't drop much colder..I am not wanting "that"..lol

This past weekend I surprised my dear husband with a new Kitchen Aid Mixer. Our old one had finally died. He was raised with his Dad as a baker and worked for years in the bake shop. We had our own bake shop when we were younger and still have all the old recipes from his father's shop. So this weekend was the weekend for making Christmas Cake. He even went so far as to give a try at making pastry. Both turned out great..he has not lost his touch. It looks like a lot of cake..but it is not by the time we give some as gifts and our friends attack it..lol. So the mixer is a winner and will be staying. Note that it is red...lol..to go along with the washer and dryer in the entrance way..lol. It has been well broken in on its first day of work!!

Now I will play around with small batches of cookies..but will leave the large amounts to hubby..lol.

Enjoy the day!!