Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Busy Bee!!

Not much spare time around here these days. Between sewing and the barn I have been on the run for the last few weeks.

Our friends have new stall curtanins that needed some embroidery. The curtains are used during show season. We had 2 hydro outages during the time of the embroidery so I was a nervous wreck. Finally finished and happy to say it seems the hydro is also ok. I did a test stitchout and it worked out great..and now have done 8 curtains. Done!!! I will get a picture at the first big fair!!! They are going to look great.

After the second power outage our phone and internet went down. Well for some people that is not a big deal. I had the 7th of 8 embroideries just out of the machine when that happened. We had a crew working on replacing the 2 big windows in our livingroom. Just wonderful. I was not sure what to be greatful the hydro went out after the embroidery was down..or be upset that the guys had to stop working on the window....AND....I had no internet..never mind the hydor..lo.. After a few hours the hydro came back on but the internet and phone would not ..time to call good old Bell Canada.

They said the next day between 8am and 5pm we would have a repair an at the house. Well at around 2pm the truck arrived. I said never mind the phone..(which has to work for the internet) need my internet. It is incredible how much we rely on it to communicate with family and friends. We have friends in other countries..and it is such a wonderful thing to be able to talk on a regular basis this way. What a great guy came to get us back in working order again. It was a challenge to find out what was wrong..but he did it. He was friendly explained everything so nicely..and was so helpful. I had to call Sympatico several times..but they also worked wonders to get my modem working again. The 2 hard crashes of the hydro did not do my poor modem any favours. So now all is back to whatever normal is around here.

The windows are installed and are great. The guys were a dream to have also. How lucky am I to get good people helping me. Our old livingroom windows were very it is great to look out and see our wonderful view of the lake so clearly now. If anyone in my area ever needs new sure to check out Nortech Home Improvements out of Bobcaygeon, Ontario. Mike and Seth were the team I had this time..and have delt with other teams previously and always been pleased with there work. Isn't this an awesome view??? In the morning..the loons are singing..what can I say..I love it!!! Yes we do have a hwy out there..but the noise does not bother me. I don't even notice it. It is a plus in the winter..I can always get out. Our pond that goes out to the lake is a haven for all sorts of bird and other wildlife. The turtles are a constant worry when they are on the move to on the mower off the mower to move Good exercise..I

Well off to do some outside work while the weather is good. Enjoy the day!!!


Bunny said...

Sure sounds like you were busy. I am looking forward to your visit to our area this weekend for our Quilt Show. Hugs Bunny

Delighted Hands said...

What a beautiful view! Glad things have settled down weather wise-more time for sewing!