Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy Week!!

Tuesdays sewing day was great. Some of the gals were finishing off projects and some still working away on them. A few pictures.

Jackie is a new quilter..look at her first project..what a great job she has done.

Marynanne is in baby Her daughter is expecting twins. How cute is this baby blanket.

Linda is working on this quilt..I just love the colors. She is like me always working on several projects at one Looks like she is getting close to finishing..yippee!!

Farm note Willy (he is the darker coloured mini) has foundered so is on stall rest. Not 100% sure of that..because his hoof that is sore is not warm/hot. Time will tell. I was nervous that this was going to happen and had cut them back on there nite feed but it is what it is. He is one sore boy so will chat with the vet today she may have to come out and check him out.

Have a great day!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Storms & Stockings

Tornado warnings Wednesday nite were all over Ontario. We were lucky but some were not. There were multiple touch downs with one death and hundreds of homes damaged. The power of the weather is just incredible. I took this picture as the sky was changing.

The group of gals I meet with on Tuesdays were busy working on a variety of projects. It is always inspiring to see what they are up Helen has been working on some Christmas Stockings. Just love the vintage look. Looking forward to making some stockings this year.

Have a great day!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little Guys & Jumpin

Oh check out this picture. Briana on Paul. He is the Percheron that she has been showing. How can a big guy like that just amazes me. Anyway I just love this picture. Taken with a cell phone so it is not that clear but you literally get the

Here is a picture of Kim leading Willy. She is my friend I mentioned in the post "Introducing Pepsi & Will". Kim is just as crazy about animals as I am. We are a bad pair to have together. We got another batch of burrs out of he and Pepsi last nite with the help of Kim's daughter Cass. Will take some time to get them leading well but it is all just time needed. They are willing little guys.

It was a perfect end to a stressful day. Now back to my routine which I love. Storms today so sticking close to home. One more border to the quilt and it will be ready to sandwich. Don't think I will put this one on the frame..going to in the ditch it instead. Will post a picture when the border is on.

Have a great day...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kally is Home

It has been a long day but in the end I have her home and that is what counts. I took her to the Beaverton Crossroads Vet Clinic ( my Vet is on holidays). Dr. Gilbert was terrific in treating her and has such a nice manner in the way she explained everything. Kally had x-rays an enema and barium for more x-rays. She finally passed a sock which was well empacked in the bowel. Had been in her system at least a month. It was the enema that finally got her to pass it. Surgery would have been very difficult so I am glad the day ended the way it did. Now to hope that does not happen again. Heading to bed..been a long day.

Thanks for the calls and the notes my friends it is appreciated. Our pets sure can age us can't they!

Socks & Kally!!!

Well Kally somehow has either managed to find a sock (we are so careful not sure how)or has gotten into something else. She is one very sick little dog. Her picture is back a few posts. This will be the second time this has happened to this extent. Last Oct. she had to be rushed in to the Vets. That time she managed to finally pass 2 socks if you can imagine. She was one very sick dog but we did managed that time to avoid the surgery. Not so sure this time. Of course our own vet is away on holidays so that is another worry...I hate dealing with a different vet. Waiting for 8:30a.m. to make phone calls. She is the sweetest little dog and has these one or two fetishes not to forget papertowels and T-paper..ugh!!
Thank heavens I have Insurance on her but even then it is going to be expensive. The last quote I got was $2,000 and she could do this again!!! OMG!!!
Time will to do chores then find a vet.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mischief Mini's

I sometimes wonder if there is not more work in the summer than the winter. The cool summer has been great in some ways. Now we are into a heat wave we are back to bringing the big lads (Clyde's)in during the day. They are showing there age and the face flies are driving them crazy. The big fans keep the flies away while they are inside..and the breeze has them asleep in no Even the barn cats have decided to just hang around. No hunting going on in this

We have gone the route of fly masks but after many $$$ spent to find them lost in pasture we have given up. Max absolutely refuses to have anything to do with them and Bill has lost to many to count. Easier to bring them in during the worst of it and turn them out at nite.

Now on to the mini's..trying to find them masks is the first battle and the next to make sure if I do use them that they don't get hung up on a branch or some such thing. They seem to find trouble all the time. Pepsi I am sure has a brutal sense of some of his antics crack me up. Last nite when we brought the little guys in after eating there vitamins all of a sudden Will decided to roll. First time I have ever seen him do that in the stall(and it is a big stall). Sure enough he cast(which means upside down) himself up against the wall. I could not believe what I was seeing. Thank heavens I was there at least now I do know he does roll..but now I will worry more!! Right..animals..never ends. In any case he got himself out of the pickle he got himself into..but "what the heck"..grrr!!That is stuck in my mind!!!! At least they are small and I could handle that on my own not like a Clyde getting cast. (hubby travels)Lets hope this does not happen again.

I went out in the gator 2 weeks ago and cut any and all burr branches I could find in the mini pasture. How on earth they manage to find them I have no idea. So back again this morning to see if I can find more branches. Both the little guys had found another bush and are a mess. A little mineral oil in the mane and tail makes it easy work to remove but that is not the

Well off to do chores..keep cool.another hot one today. Summer has finally arrived.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Hangin out with the Percherons

Last Sunday was play day. Our neighbor called and said they were going to hitch the were on our way. Of course not forgetting the camera.

Here are some pictures of that afternoon. It all started with hitching the 4..then on to the 6 horses. Just love the feel of the ground moving when the 6 get tramping..oh boy!! Lots of friends there to help with the hitching and unhitching so the day went smoothly. After we had a wonderful meal and lots of stories.

Hope you enjoyed the 6 Hitch...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yippee..the HAY IS IN THE BARN!! has been awhile since I posted. Sorry but it has been a little busy around here. The rain finally gave us a break and last Saturday we got 662 bales of nice grass hay in the barn. I was so worried about the little guys hay. Course hay would have been impossible for them and we would have had to haul in hay just for them. We didn't even have to salt it. No is just perfect. Lets hope next year is not as wet.

Lots of help so it did not take long to finish the job. Started at 1:30pm and had it all in the barn by 6p.m. Lovely breeze that day so it was not the killer job we have had to do other years in 30 plus degree temps.

Pepsi & Will were fascinated with the entire process. I don't think they knew what to think of all the noise and

One very tired little guy(our neighbours son). He spent some time at the barn but loves riding with his Dad in the tractor. He has his own baby seat so he is good and safe. He is one cute little guy so we always enjoy his visits. (Do you remember how MUCH a 2 yr. old

Off to the barn..chores are waiting. Oh..went to the Cannington Quilt Show yesterday and had way to much fun..that is another story.