Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rain & Dandelions

Yes it is raining again. Last nite on the news some brave soul had the nerve to say we are under the level for the month still. Right!!! As the kids say "Whatever"

Everytime I get to the point I can go out and get some weeding rains again..and don't even try to paint..!!!ugh!! The garage door and all the trim needs to be done and it is still waiting!! The dandelions are doing just great. We have a lot of grass and it is a chore to keep it under control when it is like this. With the new rules about spraying the yellow flowers are all over the yard. Way to much yard for me to be wandering around trying to pull them all. I swear my husband is going to have the big one over those yellow Oh how fussy he is about his lawn. I wish he took the same amount of interest in the garden. I should not complain about the garden..he has plenty to do at the barn. With him only home on weekends it is like a 3 ring circus around here trying to get things done.

Only one more month and we will hopefully be into haying time again. I keep watching the field across from the barn that is our hay..and it is jumping nicely. We opened the gate for the big boys so they could go out to pasture for the summer. It was one of the nicer days and I had just gotten them fly masks..with ears..LOL. On the warm days the blackflys and regular flys have been just wicked. They have worn them before but Max usually gets his off and that is the end of it. This year I thought I would try again. Well..I would have been better to get another color. They look like oversized donkeys..LOL. I have to modify the, they are a little large for Bill I think was totally embarassed the way he walked out of the How could she do this to me!!!

After lunch we went back to the barn to let them out to pasture. Bill was having a nap on the nice warm ground but it did not take him long to figure out that hubby and Max were heading for the gate. The beginning of another great summer for the my dear old lads. They sure love there time out there.

Well everyone enjoy the day surely it will dry out soon. My heart goes out to all the people that are suffering in the USA and in our own Canada with some of the violent weather we are having.

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Delighted Hands said...

The horse does look a bit embarassed but his joy at being outside woon overcame it! Sorry for all the rain-it does get monotonous (so I have heard but we are in drought conditions!)