Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Busy Month

What a busy month. Two weddings to attend in heat like we have not seen in many years here in Ontario. Steady heat that is. Yes it does get warm..but in the evening it is supposed to cool down..not this year. Day after day of mid to high 30's plus humidity. Some people can handle it..I can't. Plain and simply can't. Finally it has broken and I am feeling much better.

One wedding down and another this coming weekend. The first wedding was outside and just gorgeous. A farm wedding that could not have been any better. The next wedding will be at a Golf Course and inside. From one end of the scale to the

Finally I have convince hubby to take a break from work and we are heading to visit friends in Florida. They have horses and it is a home away from home. They also have a Great Pryeneese so my life is complete when visiting We have been friend for many years so I can't wait to have an extended visit. I want to fly..and hubby wants to drive. I am not happy about the driving. He wants to take the Focus so it will be good on gas. OMG!!! short trips are fine in it..but that long a drive I am not a happy camper!!!!! I am hoping I can change his mind!! MEN!!! We are still in the planning stages on just when we will go but it will be this fall in Sept or Oct. Can't wait to have some free time with no schedule. My only trouble is I worry when I am not here to look after my animals..but I have also to learn to "let go"

It is hard to beleive but this is the end of another summer coming up as they used to say!! Once August hits parents are thinking ahead to kids going back to school. With the bad weather in May and June we have had a short summer so I hope August and September are good weather months for us.

I got my window toppers made and my pillow shams so at least I got something done. My Mariner's Compass quilt is ready to be quilted along with my laptop quilt. Things are gettng done slow but sure.

Enjoy this cooler weather.


Delighted Hands said...

Yell a hello as you fly over FL-enjoy our state and have a great visit!

Bunny said...

Well you have been busy. Nice to hear you are finally taking a well deserved holiday. Good for you.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I agree driving all that way to Florida in a Ford Focus is not my idea of fun either!!!