Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dusty Miller

One Very Special Cat


He and his sister Tippy were born at the barn. 

Today is Dusty's Day

This is where he loves to spend his time. 
He can watch all the paddocks and keep track of who comes into HIS yard. 

As you can see this is a Stack Wall Barn. 
That is yet another post. 

Dusty has a love for my husband Rod. He loves me but he loves and adores hubby. 

This is a game he has made up when he and Rod are sitting in the barn having a visit. 

Dusty is not happy until the hat is up and finally
Today he was on my lap and constantly looking at my head as if ..hey lady where is your

What a sweet fella. 
Between he and his sister there are no mice so 
they do earn there keep. 

We do have several Barn Swollows nesting in the barn. 
I managed to get these pictures of the young ones. 
Every year they come back. We just love them. 
So sweet!!

The cats have killed one but that is it. 
Thank heavens. 
They flit and swoop around the barn and ever hit us..amazes me how there internal radar works. 

So it is not all about
Dusty and Tippy are a huge part of our barn life. 

Hot and Humid still here in Ontario..not pleased. 
Next week the kids go back to school and the temperatures are returning to normal. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Weather


Just plain unusual weather.
Not what we in Ontario would call normal. 

This storm was a week or so ago. 
Even Harry was impressed. 

Can you in the last picture see the water coming off the roof like a stream?


Harry and I watched together

He kept asking this ok Mom??
So far he is very calm about storms. 
More curious than anything else. 
Thank heavens!!

So here we are at the end of August.
I will be welcoming the nice fall weather. 
Enough of this hot humid weather. 

The paddocks are a mess. 
I just want things to dry out.

Enjoy the day!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Kawartha Spirit Boat Cruise From Fenelon Falls, Ontario

What a fantastic evening.

We left at 6:30 p.m. on the Kawartha Spirit for a 3 hour cruise.

 Leaving Fenelon Falls (below the locks) the boat followed the Trent Canal system out into Sturgeon Lake. This particular cruise also included a roast beef dinner. 
(very nice meal)

Check out the rock cuts going out into the lake. 
In spots it is over 70 ft. deep!!

As you go cottages appear with boat houses of all ages and design. 

Due to my eyes I did not wander to far from my area. My balance is way off on land never mind on a
my pictures are from the one side

The shore line starts to change as we get closer to the entrance to the lake.

Then out into Sturgeon Lake.

Have you noticed the clean water?
Isn't it wonderful!!

Another time I will put up some maps and explain part of the reason for this wonderful clean water. 

Cottages all along the shoreline but still not  as many  as some lakes. 


One of the older style boat houses. 
I wish the light had been little better but you get the idea. 

Again another time I will get some land pictures that show off the area. 

It has been years since Rod and I have had a chance to get out on this wonderful  breathtaking historic lake. It has so many stories. 

Now for the sad news. We were on the last dinner cruise the 

Kawartha Spirit 

will go on from Fenelon Falls. 

They are moving to another location. On a lake where they will not have to deal with the politics of the Trent Canal System. 

What a huge loss for our community .
We will follow them and go for a cruise with them from there new home. 

The owner and staff were wonderful. What a surprise to find I knew some of them. 

I wish them all well and I am SO Sorry to see them leave. 

I know a group was formed last winter to try and  keep the Kawartha Spirit here along with trying to stop some of the new policies. I thank those that worked so hard. 

So..for $50 each we had a fantastic evening. Check out what you can spend on junk food and tell me that is to expensive. 

We don't go out very often so this was a great break from our routine. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Heart surgeon speaks out on what really causes heart disease -- Health & Wellness --

I hope everyone that comes to visit my blog will read this. The foods we find at the grocery store are your choice to pick out as to what you feed your family. It is time to really rethink your shopping trips.

Heart surgeon speaks out on what really causes heart disease -- Health & Wellness --

Friday, July 26, 2013

Harry Doodle

In one year we have found ourselves the most loving, wonderful, intelligent,sweet, smart dog!!

Our Harry!

Harry came to us like this just over a year ago! 

So small, needing hugs and love!!
So tiny!
He gave us that back ten fold and still is. 

Harry is my light!! He wants to learn. Can't stand to not "do" something. 
So with my limited mobility we train and play. must be kidding!!
OK lady I will try it. 

He now thinks it is "cool" and stands to get it put on. 
What a "Dude"!

This picture was taken on his birthday in April. 

One year old!

In the last month he has learned to find my cell phone for me. 
As many of you know I have low vision. 
What a bonus this smart dog is to my life. 

Slowly he will learn the things that I need help with. 

He will never know it all but what he will know is what he needs to help me. 
We are learning together and what a blast we are having. Still a pup in so many ways. Still a lot of lessons to be learned for both of us.

What a lucky gal I am to have Harry in my life during such a changing time for me. 

We will do this together. We both like to learn!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kids & Horses

Kids and horses go together!

I got a wonderful call from a Grandmother. 
She wanted to know if I had time to introduce her 4 year old Granddaughter to horses. 
Never to busy to start a little gal off on her first horse experience. 
What a sweet little gal. 
I thought the cats may be of some interest but no it was the horses that she loved to see. 

So the next few years will be interesting to see if she wants to learn to ride. 
Such a cute age!

Still work to be done at the barn. 
Hay is in but still clean up. 
Does it ever

Enjoy the cooler weather!

(I am going to try again to save this Blog)

Thanks to Bunny for the help in getting a new header up. 

It is a start!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It has been awhile

Trying to recover my pictures has not worked. 

So I have decided to start a new Blog. 

Paws & Horses

Not the title I wanted but it will do. 

I will slowly get it up and running. 

Hope to see you there. 

So much to catch up on. 

I have missed my few that have followed me. 

Hope your still out there and keeping well.

Now to see if I can remember how to create a new page beyond the start

Monday, April 22, 2013

All pictures gone..oops

Wow..look what I have done.
No pictures.
Not thinking I deleted my Blog pictures off my Google + not realizing it would take them off my blog.
Does anyone know how I can get them back. My thought is I am out of luck...."swearning at myself"
In the meantime I hope everyone is well. I have been busy with so many things and will share once I get a handle on this mess.
Please write if you have any ideas. So far I have had no luck!!

                          Keep well...Judi B.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Out Like A Lion

Winter does not want to leave!

As always I worry about the horses and 
keeping them warm and dry at night. 
A load of shavings arrived in time for to sleep well at night. 

Tonight high winds are howling and snow swirling into every tiny spot it can.Not a night to be outside.

 Tippy is happy in her wagon going for short rides in the barn until the spring weather arrives. 

The relief is that by the weekend it is going to be sunny and a lot warmer!

Oh how tired I am of winter. Lets hope this is the Lions departure as the old saying goes. 

On a lighter note..Harry and Hubby. 
Harry does not think he has

I hope everyone is well and 
To those that are heading home to

Keep well....

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chillin in Ontario

Good Morning...

Along with everyone else we are complaining about how cold it is.

The horses are not impressed with being inside as much as they have been but considering some of there ages it is necessary. 

Yesterday they all went out for a short time as we cleaned stalls. 

As you can see we do have some snow. Odd picture for colour. I took it at the crack of dawn. 

I tried to load some pictures of Harry but today is not my computer
Another time!

Have a great weekend. Warmer weather is coming!! Yahoo.. lol

Monday, January 14, 2013

January Thaw

Yes it has been foggy and wet.
The temperatures kept climbing and with that came the rain, wind and fog. 

What a mixture. 

This morning that all changed with the temperature falling just cold enough to make everything nice and slippery. 

In the next few days it is going to snow and make everything look like a winter wonderland  again. That part I do love. In a perfect world for me now that Christmas is over spring is welcome..don't think that will happen. So lets just get at it and have SNOW!

Just before it warmed up I got this picture from inside the barn. 

Kind of artsy don't you 

That is Gilly  the dear old Welsh pony you can see just outside the window. Imagine all that snow is gone now.

Harry..yup old wet head!!

With  hubby back on the road Harry feels he should make every minute count when he is home as in sticking his head into the shower to make sure all is going
It is a game he just loves. I don't!!!

Mind you it is

 I try not to get to upset with water

The weather changes have not agreed with my body so I am happy to say next week I get to go and see another specialist about my arthritis. Not sure that will go well as so many drugs cause the blood to thin which means I can't take it. 

So  off on Wed. for some more blood work and will see what the Dr. has to say when I see him. I have a rare disease called PXE which unfortunately I know more about than most Dr.'s . This always leads to some interesting conversations. The last thing I need is more trouble with my eyes due to a change in medication that causes a bleed!!

If nothing else at least these appointments get me out of the Thank heavens for Community Care..They got drivers arranged for me. 

Keep warm winter is returning..ya!! rain please!

Judi B. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year

I have to say I am very happy to say good-bye to 2012. 

It really was not our year health wise!!

But with 2013 we have Rod back to work!! Ya!!
His surgeon, heart specialist and family Dr. are all thrilled with his recovery from his heart surgery. With no heartattack/stents it means no damage to the heart. The  aneurism   has been taken care of so he is good to go!! It was a close call but he made it. He is one happy truck driver to be back in "Big Orange".

2012 was the end for my driving with the loss of my eye sight. 
For me I have my new laptop  and a big 24 in. screen with Zoom Text on it. Lots to learn with this program . My teacher Jill will be calling soon to line up some lessons. 
I  got my CCTV which is a real blessing when it comes to reading so many things with small print. A magnifying glass just does not cut it any 

2012 saw me purchase a very expensive mobility electric cart that caused us stress and worry. I love my cart but the people that I got it from were far from honest .more to come on that subject later. 
As many of you know we have horses and they do need me to look after then. With the barn 2km away it i s a challenge to get there with Rod back to work. It is going to be a long winter!!

My next project for this week..(got the tree will be to call Community Care to arrange for a ride to some Dr. appointments. Another is getting medication delivered. This is all new trying to deal with transportation. 

Not being able to get to the barn  as much as I want is emotionally hard but I am trying to deal with that. After all these years it is hard. One day at a time.  Our old horses are so used to seeing me on a regular basis so the change is harder for them. 
Thank heavens for our friend Kim who is looking after most of the chores for the winter. It is a big change for her to have to take  over most of the responsibility. 

She is Wonderful!!!

You don't think how  attached we get to our mobility until it is gone!!
Don't get me is not cancer or some life threatening disease and I am SO thankful. 
BUT...I miss driving and my just wandering up to the barn whenever I feel like it or just going for a drive. 

Thank heavens for friends!! You are all a blessing!!

More pictures to is back to blogging  again!! 

Hello to my regular friends here. I have missed you and Wish You A Happy New Year
I am sorry I can not post on some of your blocked blogs. I can not read the log in codes..grrr. 
To some of you I have lost your email addy's with the changes to my programs ..please send them again. 

Keep well!! Let us all have a 2013 full of good health. 
With that everything else will fall into place!