Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wow..what a pair these are..enjoy!!

I had a friend post this to my Facebook. A Canadian girl that has that special bond. Not many can do this training and not many horses are this talented. What a touches your heart to watch this.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot Days of Summer are Here!!

What a day yesterday. Sooo hot. We don't have automatic waterers outside or inside for the horses. We tried that for inside the barn..and if the temp. dropped in the winter to froze up. Who needs the worry about a floaded barn. In any case we have large buckets that we fill for the horses. This was keeping me busy yesterday. Pepsi one of the mini's is priceless, he loves to dunk his head down to his eyes and swirl the water around. What a funny little guy. The rest of the horses just look at him. Sure would like to know what they are saying to themselves about that stunt. He is also the one that seems to get kicked a lot. Pepsi wanders from one group to the other grabbing hay snacks. Just does not go over well. If he would just stay with one batch of hay and would be a lot less painful. He even gets in trouble with his mate another mini. I don't want to separate the mini's from the riding horses if possible..hopefully they sort it all out themselves.

Today is going to be another 33 degree day so staying close to home. I know some people in other areas are used to warmer days than this..but oh my..I don't like it this warm. There was a major blackout in Toronto last many people with no hydro..oh those hot apartments..ugh!!!

Keep cool..and enjoy the day. Heading to the barn then some sewing.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Temper!!! Temper!!

A car similar to this one..caused me to completely flip!! Can not afford to do that to often..hard on the old blood pressure.

I was minding my own business doing chores at the barn last nite. It was hot..and i was looking forward to heading home. I had just gotten to the car when I heard someone stomp on the gas pedal..then saw a flash of yellow. The car came off the main Hwy. so fast..I am sure he had no way of seeing if anyone was coming out our gates onto the side road or not. There are over 200 families at the end of our country road in a trailer park. It is a gorgeous spot..and extremely family oriented. The kids have a ball riding bikes to the barn to visit with the horses. Adults enjoy an evening walk with the dog..our tenants like to take the horses out for a quiet ride some evenings. So you get the picture. Lots of people walking...never mind the other cars that come and go. This yellow monster went flying down our road so one could have gotten out of its way..way to fast to save yourself.
Well my temper..I got in the car and headed down the road. I was not sure if I could find him but I sure was going to try. When I looked down the one sign of him. The next road..I looked down..and there was the yellow car turning around to come back my way. I went and parked my little Ford Focus across his path. Ya..impressive already isn't it. What a sight it must have been. Gray haired Old on the move. He stopped..(had no choice) I jumped out of the car..and literally floated over to the side of his car..with darkened windown. He put down his window ..and before he had a chance to say a word I started on him. HOW DARE YOU!!! put the lives of children/adults and animals in that kind of danger..and of course I was not really polite with my language. (Having been a truck driver along with my many other careers..I had a knowledge/use of some pretty dandy words. He kept saying yes Mame..yes Mame..and when I strolled back to my car he very quietly/slowly pulled away.
When I think of the blood bath he could have caused I just start shaking all over again. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I did find out later that he is staying at the park. I called down and I am sure he got yet another verbal dressing down. I watch the cars/trucks/motorcycles go up and down the Hwy. and just can not get over how much risk some drivers put themselves and other into.
So another day and I am still trying to get over the nerve I had in challenging this guy. Geesh I could have gotten myself decked or Oh well hopefully it has been a lesson he will remember. Just because you drive a car like that does not mean your brain cells need to hibernate when you take the wheel.

Today is hopefully going to be a nice quiet calm It is 31 already and heading to 32 plus..ugh!! Got the big boys in with there fans on to keep them cool and the flys away.

Enjoy the day in A/C

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Hot!!

First I would like to wish all my American friends a Happy 4th and I hope you have a great weekend to go along with it.

More hay is coming into the barn's in the area. Finally a stretch of wonderful weather and boy is it hot..and getting warmer. Even the chickens were in the shade yesterday.

The round baler was working and the small baler also. It was a long hot busy day. Today again..more hay.

Yesterday I picked up a few things at the grocery store...headed home and all was well..I did shop very early. With making sandwiches ect. for everyone working at the farm..I needed a few more things today. Well!!!I have finished my shopping..OMGoodness. Now I can sew and know I don't have to do that for awhile. The traffic in our grocery store this weekend has been incredible. Just after I was there yesterday it went crazy!! Living in a tourist town changes things very quickly when the combination of warm weather and July Yesterday it was taking 1/2hr plus for people to check out. They were handing out free water to help with the wait. Air conditioned but you know what it is like "just standing there". So for the rest of the season I will be shopping before 9a.m. Heading off to my sewing room.