Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marley is not impressed!

No she is not impressed with riding in a car after leaving her house in total disorder. She voiced her opinion the entire way up here and is still glaring at anyone and everything. I am hoping tomorrow is a better day for one very upset cat. The girls are sleeping in the bedroom with her tonite so hopefully that helps her Needless to say the dog is just fine and could care less if she is
A picture of her ladyship in her perfect world.

Friday is another day and a busy one. The farrier is coming to trim the little lads Willy and Pepsi. How did 6 weeks go so quickly. This weekend hopefully we can get some work done on the stall for the little filly foals that are arriving next weekend. In the middle of all this we have the usual house/moving stuff going on.

Sewing is still on the back burner. Next Tuesday is our regular day of sewing with the gals. It will be nice to get back to the machine. More news on our project soon.

Here are a few more Bobcaygeon Quilt Show pictures.

The Light House. The picture is not clear but in a way that is can see how much work this was. I wish you all could have seen it in person. Truly a work of art.

Loved this Halloween runner..that time of year again.

You could not come away from this show without being inspired. So many talented people were involved with the show. The vendors were all great and the weather was perfect.

Quilts, Kids & Cats

Wonderful fall weather. I just love this time of year. The leaves are just starting to change so a few more cool nites should bring lots of color. Fall is also bringing colds and flu. Kennedy is just getting over a dandy head cold and I feel like I have managed to pick it up. Not a big deal other than I am way to busy to be

The girls are still with us and will be for another week to two weeks. Today there cats and dog are arriving so that should make life interesting. The dogs will be fine together..but not so sure about the cats. I rehung the basement door so I could keep there cats out of the basement and ours in until everyone settles in. The moving truck arrives on Saturday but everything is in storage for a week while the last of the work is being done on there house. Sure am going to miss the kids when they move back with there parents. They have been a great help also with chores at the barn. Not sure who has had more fun Gramma or

On top of everything else my washing machine decided to spring a leak "again". Only 3years old. Trouble is in my haste to buy a machine back then..I did not make sure I had a lint tray. So the lint builds up in this tiny little hose and causes the machine to over flow. Of all the stupid designs. In any case I have had it and a new set is on its way. The old washer will be perfect machine for someone with a cottage that does not do as much laundry as I do.

I did get a few pictures of quilts at the Bobcaygeon Quilt Show. This first quilt really caught my eye.

Check out the work in this one.

And last this gorgeous quilt. It was just breath taking, I wish I had taken more pictures of it.

I have a few more pictures of the show I will post next time. Now to wake the girls up for school and do chores. Have a great day everyone. It should be an adventure for me when the cats

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thai Cooking & Last Kitten Adopted

Only one more week before our friends go back to Thailand. We have had a wonderful time cooking every weekend. Mai has taught Rod so many new recipies this time. This is his hobby, I enjoy just watching and Several trips to the city has filled our cupboard with lots of sauces and mixes. We have enough coconut milk to last "months"

The last kitten has gone to a wonderful forever home. I am so thrilled with his new family. They live in the area so I hope to hear how he is doing once and awhile. I am so pleased we are not having any more kittens. Enough, I get to attached to them!!

Off to the Bobcaygeon Quilt Show. I promise to NOT behave

Saturday, September 12, 2009

School is Great & A Pet Loss

Ther girls and I have survived our first week of Getting pretty good at figuring out the lunch packing deal. Been a few years since I have done that!!
They love the new school and are making friends. Both think there teachers are great. How wonderful is that!! There Dad picked them up on Friday after school so they could spend the weekend at there old house and have some time with there friends. The house move will come at the end of the month but until then there is no doubt we are going to make out fine together.

Last weekend we went out to a local stable to make arrangements for there horse to be moved. It is only 10 min. from there new house so there is going to be lots of barn time coming up. With not having an indoor arena they did not want to have her stay with us..can't blame them..they want to be able to ride in the off weather and hang out with other kids that ride. And of course lessons. Always more to learn. Everything is coming together nicely.

Last nite we went with friends to Minden, Ontario which is only a 30 minute drive for Thai dinner. The Wild Orchid!! What a great meal.Now to learn how to make some of the fantastic dishes we enjoyed last nite. Afterwards of course we had to go to The Kawartha Dairy to get ice cream No visit to Minden is complete without that!!

The sad ending to the nite was to come home to find out one of our favorite pet friends had died last nite. The little guy..a Jack Russel we always called "Puppy Puppy" was killed in a tragic farm accident. From the time he was a tiny pup he would come to our home for his visits and lots of love. A smart little guy with a wonderful heart. By no means an obnoxious little yappy dog some would he was beyond He had the human world all figured out and took advantage of We are just broken hearted, there will not be another "Puppy Puppy"..he was a once in a life time pup. Some very sad households in the neighborhood this weekend.

Friday, September 4, 2009

What a Mess!

This spring we noticed that all the shrubs in front of the house were in trouble. I had hoped as the season progressed they would come back. NO!! We had to remove most of them which was a difficult job. Once the men started working they discovered that it was not the weather that had killed the was mice. Mice..can you believe that..!! The shrubs were 15 years old so it was probably time to replace them anyway. With my knees bad I had stopped trimming them back several years ago so they had gotten really thick. I have learned to keep them under control thats for sure. If we have to we will use some mouse bait. A learning experience..and of course $$$

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yippee Grandchildren

Boy things have really changed around here very quickly and I am spinning. Our grandchildren are moving in with us for a month or so until they can move into a house just a few km. away from us. Now how cool is that!!!I am so excited. There Mom and Dad will go back and forth to the old home til everything is ready. Will be a confusing time in some ways but the time will go quickly. With school starting on Tuesday it makes sense for them to start here rather than change schools mid year. So first priority was getting there room ready for full time use. The curtains are almost finished and the rest of the room is ready.

Last week I got the quilt sandwiched so I am ready to quilt it..if I EVER find time. The picture does not show the vibrant colors..weird I don't know what happened. Oh well!! I am pleased with the way it turned out.

Off to work on the curtains...