Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Busy Barn Time

Will try writing a post again. Sure hope Blogger is finished with me!!

When the Farrier was at our barn this week he checked out the new horse..and yes he has what looks like an abcess trying to come out. He has shoes on now and is feeling a lot better. It will take time and lots of TLC to get that one hoof right. He will be fine it all just takes time. Been there done all this before. The bugs have been just horrible. Horse flies are huge and the misquitoes are "back"..ugh!!! Just when you want to play and spend time with the horses the bugs chase you Here is a picture of Doc soaking his hoof..and Tippy is not willing to share the It is time for the "new" lad to learn some ground

Been a busy day. I headed out early to pick up gifts for our granddaughters. One is graduating from Public School this year and the other has a Birthday today. They are both off on a school trip today. Niagara Falls. I am sure they are having an awesome time. To bad the weather is not good..been raining all day!! Anyway got there gifts so I am ready for there party on Saturday. Just a few more days and the kids in our area are finished for another year.

I am heading off to the sofa to watch some TV and totally veg..Have a great evening!!

Hopefully I can start posting on Blogs now..!!!

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Delighted Hands said...

He will settle right in with you now....hope you move from bug season soon!