Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Finally

Can't say I have enjoyed the humid weather this past summer. This is great. Temps in the 20's is fine with me..lol. Hay and Straw being collected out of the fields...all the big bales. Everyone getting ready for winter. People tease me about my barn talk. I am one happy camper when the barn is full of hay and the back shed is full of shavings to keep the horses comfy for there winter days inside. One more load of shavings and I am ready.

On the weekend I headed over to Bobcaygeon to the Quilt Show. It is held in a pioneer village. The stories behind each building is worth the tour in itself. The show was just amazing. I did not take any pictures which is different for me. I think I was just so taken with all the incredible work I just did not slow down this year to do that.
One quilt really will not leave this little mind of mine. It was an antique quilt ..oh the hand stitching was so impressive. Tiny stitches back and forth across the entire quilt..row after row..1/4 apart in hand stitches ..OMG!!! The colors were so similar to what we see now..it took me a few minutes to understand just how old the quilt was. What I loved hearing was it is on a bed..not stuck in a closet all packed away. Sometimes it is stories like that that make the entire show memorable.

This week has not started off that great. Heading to a specialist tomorrow for a root canal. Ugh!! I am so not a fan of the dentist..lol. Not many people are..but I have "history" so I am not a good patient. Oh well has to be done.

Time to head out and get some more pictures once this is over. Have a great day!!!

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Delighted Hands said...

Pile up some quilting mags for the recovery time! Hope it goes well.