Thursday, June 30, 2011

The traffic is rolling!! Long Weekend!!

The traffic has started to roll. Trailers with boats..or just stuff, buses, mobile name it they are all streaming north. It is a gorgeous day out there. Nice breeze which is keeping the bugs at bay.

My Mom..who is 91 now has picked up a dandy head cold. She sure does not need that. So far it is all in her head so I hope it stays that way. No way was I allowed to visit in case I picked it up. So I made a chicken pot pie for her this morning and delivered it. She was I know by that she is feeling not the best. Normally Mom loves to cook so if she is pleased to have me cook I know she is down. Imagine this time of year a cold..Ugh!!!

Royalty is in Ottawa this year for Canada Day..I will be sure to have the TV on to see all the celebrations. The Duke & Dutchess of Cambridge ,Wils & they seem to be called are going to be in Ottawa. It should be a grand site with the RCMP horses pulling the antique carriage. Very impressive history to the carriage if you get time to Google it. The crowds should be incredible. Believe it or far they are calling for a sunny day..perfect!!!

Our friends from Thailand are arriving tomorrow for several yummy new recipies to try out!!. Just hope the weather holds so they enjoy there holiday. I have several Basil plants doing very well so lets hope they can keep us supplied with enough leaves.

Early this morning I was up and out feeding the horses and in to town to grab groceries early. So if everything goes right I should be able to stay home forr the weekend other than trips to the barn. Suits me fine.

Have a wonderful safe weekend everyone. Happy Canada Day & July 4th.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pepsi is just a riot..we have So much fun with him. Our other mini Willy is very loving but does not have nearly the personality this guy has. It was a Mexican stand off with hubby and the If he could have I think Pepsi would have gotten in with Rod to help him drive. Since the area was cleaned up we have had so much rain it is all mud. At least with it clean it will dry up nicely..but!! Today finally we have sun so I am sure it will all look a lot better by the end of the day.

Days and days of rain. Still no hay cut or baled. We sure are not alone. People that take holidays to get this done are sure getting pretty fed up!!
Hope the weather changes is a constant in each post I know..but it is so important to us.

Finally my sewing room is back together. On the days it rains at least now I can do some sewing. Some small projects first. I want to make some basket liners for the baskets to sit on the bench in the entrance way. Maybe this evening I will whip them up.

Off to enjoy some sun. Have a great day. I hope it is nice and sunny where ever you are.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sooo!!! Annoying now I can post to my blog. Great. Very happy!!

I still can not make comments on other blogs. Every time I go to chose Typpad..ect..or won't let me in to post. So still having troubles. Sorry I am not responding..need to mess around more and figure out this issue.

Raining cats and dogs here. Ugh!!! The forcast is for rain all weekend as well but after that it looks like sun for the days that are posted so far on the weather networks. Still praying for good haying weather.

Off to work on some other projects...I am done with this problem for now.

Have a great evening...

Internet Explorer 9..was the problem

Finally found out what the problem was with posting on my blog. It was a compatibility with Explorer 9. That will teach me to rush off and upgrade!!! They are still tweaking #9!!!

I just went up to Tools, Compatibility View Settings and clicked on the show all websites.

Oh my I am so happy. Bet there are a lot of people out there having the same problem.

Good luck, hope this tip helps!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Busy Barn Time

Will try writing a post again. Sure hope Blogger is finished with me!!

When the Farrier was at our barn this week he checked out the new horse..and yes he has what looks like an abcess trying to come out. He has shoes on now and is feeling a lot better. It will take time and lots of TLC to get that one hoof right. He will be fine it all just takes time. Been there done all this before. The bugs have been just horrible. Horse flies are huge and the misquitoes are "back"..ugh!!! Just when you want to play and spend time with the horses the bugs chase you Here is a picture of Doc soaking his hoof..and Tippy is not willing to share the It is time for the "new" lad to learn some ground

Been a busy day. I headed out early to pick up gifts for our granddaughters. One is graduating from Public School this year and the other has a Birthday today. They are both off on a school trip today. Niagara Falls. I am sure they are having an awesome time. To bad the weather is not good..been raining all day!! Anyway got there gifts so I am ready for there party on Saturday. Just a few more days and the kids in our area are finished for another year.

I am heading off to the sofa to watch some TV and totally veg..Have a great evening!!

Hopefully I can start posting on Blogs now..!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Blogger Posts & Comments

I hope I can even post this. Blogger is giving me all sorts of trouble. Will be back when I can actually post..grrrr!! and make comments. Can not even log on to leave comments. How frustrating!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Kid On The Block

This lovely Quarter horse has joined our barn. Our boarder sold one of her horses and this is our new lad!! Murphy in the background did not make his arrival welcome at all. It took a few days of separating them before they got along. I was surprised that Murphy was so intense on his finding another horse trailer to load poor Doc on After a few rides out together Murphy finally figured it out that he was staying and that was it. All is well now with the herd!!! Geesh..just like kids!!

Doc has a sweet personality and is in his high teens and very well trained. Just a sweet lad to have in the barn.
On a side note is anyone else having trouble with those darn horse flys that are the size of a 747 jet liner>>OMG!!! The poor horses!!! Masks and spray and they are still miserable. Hope this does not last to long.

Lots of hay cut in the area so lets pray it does not rain for at least a week!!

Enjoy the day...

Friday, June 17, 2011

More pets!!!

When you youngest Granddaughter calls and says..but Gramma..they are going to eat them..what do you say??!! Lol..I could not say no. They can go to the barn when they get bigger and need large cages. They are not dwarfs...nope she had to fall for very large They have been here 2 weeks now and have over doubled there size so it will not be long before they are at the barn. In the meantime we are having fun with them.

The dog and cat visit regularly. Both rabbits seem pretty interested in the

Saturday is moving day for them. We have a nice large crate for them at the barn so I am sure by then they are going to need it.

Friday already, how did that happen. Off to do chores. Have a great weekend everyone.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Just a Tad Busy!!

I have not stopped since my last posting. Sorry to my friends for not posting on there blogs. Time has gotten ahead of me..and it is time to get into a routine again.

Our hay is ready to please pray for some nice sunny breezy days so we can get this huge job done. I am hoping all the help we have lined up are able to help when needed. So often hay is ready when people have other plans. You hate to tie someones life up with it "it all depends on the weather" comment.

Speaking of weather we are down another tree at the house. A tornado hit a small community just north of us..and we got the edge of that severe storm. I was working around the house and had not been paying much attention to the sky. We had a warning of a thunderstorm with ..all the possibilities listed..of what goes along with that. Bang crash and the came Wow!! We were lucky but our friends north of us were hit badly. No one killed..thank heavens..but lots of damage. Hydro crews are all over. It will take a long time to clean it all up. People living down country roads will be even longer than the town families. Years ago hydro cut there forestry budget..humm..maybe they will rethink that.

Ooops never posted this so will do be back with more Off to Costco and Fabricland.

Enjoy your day..going to be warm.