Thursday, October 22, 2009

Denim Tote & Venting

Tuesday was a great sewing day. Finally finished a small project I have been working on. I got the pattern while at the Quilt Show in Bobcaygeon. Living in the country and having horses..hey I live in a denim tote/purse. It is called the Traveller's Tote and is 12x15. Great design..not to big/small. There is a zipper to keep things safe and lots of pockets both inside and out. I will definetly be making this one over again. I have seen it done with a variety of different fabrics for the base and pockets..which give it an entirely different look. If you want to purchase the pattern go to this website they are the nicest people to deal with. The pictures don't show the bag that well but it gives you an idea of what a fun pattern it is.

Rain today so spent some time in my sewing room organizing. Does a sewing room ever Not need I have way to much "stuff" but I know I will need it all at some point..right?? Good thing we have such a thing as plastic totes for storage..and boy I do have a few...ugh!! Oh well men have there tools I should have stayed in my no I didn't..big mistake!!

I decided to go over my Bell Canada bill ( we have 3 services from them..Phone,TV and Internet..boy can that raise your blood pressure. Every time I take the time to check it out to make sure everything is is NOT. Then I go to the website..and check out the prices and make the phone call asking questions. OH NO that prices is for NEW customers..and further there is another $2 - $3 more on top of the quoted price your asking about it. Then there is the comment oh but you get $5 off for bundling..can't you see that on your bill? I feel so nickle and dimed by this company. I think at the end of it all I have saved a big $5. Why do I fight with them?? I never do win..grrrr!!! I hope at some point in my lifetime I will get to see enough competition out there that our rates will go down. There I feel better now I have

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This & That

Today was another awesome fall day. Our fall leaves are more gold than anything else. From what everyone is to much rain..not enough hot or to cold. It is what it Who can figure it all out. Lots of windy days so the leaves are coming down pretty fast. Next week we are supposed to be going up to double digits..yippee.

Hubby asked me for his snow clothes for the truck so he will be ready for that white stuff we know is coming. Lots of it around us..but so far we have been lucky. It is also time for me to get out my fashion forward Oh my they are just not flattering no matter what you do but I can't imagine not wearing Then of course it is the rubber boots..ugh!!

Last week I got my little car serviced. The snows tires are good for another winter so they are installed and ready. Can't believe I am actually ahead of the game for once in my This is also a wake up call..time to get some Christmas Sewing Started..!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Morning Sunrise

Now can you imagine waking up to this awesome sky. What incedible colors over the lake.
I never get tired of checking out what is happening out my front window. The variety of birds in the bay are always changing. For the first time this year we even had a pair of swans visit us for a few days. Now that did send me for a spin. I hope they come back again next year so I can get some pictures. Sad to say it will not be long before the lake will be frozen and the winter winds blowing.

Later that same day we got the black clouds and more rain. Better than which I hear has been all around us. You can faintly see the lads coming in to hang out in there leanto. Guess they thought it was worth a try to see if I would bring them in...not!!!

So today I am making our To Do List for the barn winterization. Not to say I have not already done some of the work There is not a lot left to do but there are things that need to be done now not when it is Some new latches that are easier to handle in the winter..some windows that need some work, water buckets that need cleaning and storing. Oh yes and another shipment of shavings for sure. The day is am sure I can make this list nice and long for hubby.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Lads on a fall day!

Morning scratches feel so good. Not to be forgotten in my posts are my wonderful lads. The sweetest boys. We have been together for so long that we have a great routine to our days . From the time they came I have always whistled if I need them to come in from pasture. I have to admit there are times I let out a couple to just hear the sound of them coming across the field. What a pair!!

Now time to graze and enjoy the wonderful fall day with no flies and bugs to bother them. What a wonderful time of year.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mini Horses

So how cute is this fur ball???lol

We are still waiting to find out what there names are. These little ones have had very little human contact so we are taking our time in handling them. So far they are adjusting very well. This is my oldest GD having a little fun with them. I think I have mentioned we are boarding the little ones. Now how fun is that..and get paid as

Willy & Pepsi are making friends. Once the little girls get a little bigger we will put them all out together. The little fur ball is way to small to go out with the boys now. The other one is a lot taller in comparison but again to soon. Gee with these colors maybe we can hitch a 4 up in the Maybe we should start with getting harness on the little lads

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family last weekend. Again Thanksgiving makes you realize just how close winter is. Time to get a lot of work done for winter and there does not seem to be enough hours in the day for that.

Another week to two weeks before the kids can move into there house so still more play time at the barn with the GD's. Heading out to pick them up from school ..enjoy the rest of the day.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend. We have family coming today so it will be a busy day. The weather is supposed to be nice so the kids will be able to get outside and hopefully enjoy some barn time with the horses.

Off to the kitchen where I am sure I will spend most of my day.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Still Around!

Good Morning,

It has been awhile since my last post. My first cold of the season has kept me be followed with my SECOND cold of the season. Oh boy this is going to be a long winter if this keeps

Not to be held back I did manage to go sewing on Tuesday which was my one day in between colds. Now I am saying it is a second cold..but who knows if the first one came back. It is just that this one is totally different..and I had a great time visiting and working on another bag pattern. Everyone was cutting out a large tote pattern that I had made up a year or so ago. Can't wait to take pictures next week of the different color combinations. They are all fantastic.

No pictures this time but hope to come back tomorrow with some.

Enjoy the day everyone. Thank heavens for Benylin Cold & Sinus!!!