Thursday, June 30, 2011

The traffic is rolling!! Long Weekend!!

The traffic has started to roll. Trailers with boats..or just stuff, buses, mobile name it they are all streaming north. It is a gorgeous day out there. Nice breeze which is keeping the bugs at bay.

My Mom..who is 91 now has picked up a dandy head cold. She sure does not need that. So far it is all in her head so I hope it stays that way. No way was I allowed to visit in case I picked it up. So I made a chicken pot pie for her this morning and delivered it. She was I know by that she is feeling not the best. Normally Mom loves to cook so if she is pleased to have me cook I know she is down. Imagine this time of year a cold..Ugh!!!

Royalty is in Ottawa this year for Canada Day..I will be sure to have the TV on to see all the celebrations. The Duke & Dutchess of Cambridge ,Wils & they seem to be called are going to be in Ottawa. It should be a grand site with the RCMP horses pulling the antique carriage. Very impressive history to the carriage if you get time to Google it. The crowds should be incredible. Believe it or far they are calling for a sunny day..perfect!!!

Our friends from Thailand are arriving tomorrow for several yummy new recipies to try out!!. Just hope the weather holds so they enjoy there holiday. I have several Basil plants doing very well so lets hope they can keep us supplied with enough leaves.

Early this morning I was up and out feeding the horses and in to town to grab groceries early. So if everything goes right I should be able to stay home forr the weekend other than trips to the barn. Suits me fine.

Have a wonderful safe weekend everyone. Happy Canada Day & July 4th.


Delighted Hands said...

Hope your mom feels better! Have a good weekend!

Judi said...

Happy Belated Canada Day1
I hope you had a good one. I hope your mother is starting to feel all better now.

Have a great visit with your friends and maybe you'll get some recipes to share with us.

Have a good week!