Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little Big Man

Yes Harry has been a busy lad growing..lol

If you can believe it..lol. I did ask him to sit on the sofa so you could see how big he has gotten. 
He is a blast!!
The dog bed our good friend Kathy gave him. WELL does he love it..he literally pitches it around the room. 
His training is coming along well but with the puppy attitude still so strong we are only going to get so far until he calms down with a little more age..lol. The basics are covered so that is the main concern and will take the rest in time. 

Off to the city today for some shopping. 

Have a great day everyone. The bad weather is coming so get outside and get the last of the Christmas lights up while you can. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

It Is All About Learning

Every day is something new for us. 

Hubby has started Heart Rehab and is enjoying his 2 days per week trip to the hospital for this. The Dr. will not let him go back to work until that is finished which is the middle of Feb. It is hard on him being home all the time but no choice until l this is done.  

My eyes  continue to be an issue. 
I have been going to the CNIB for testing to find the right programs for the computer to use that will help keep me in touch with the cyber world. On Friday I ordered my new laptop/screen and program. The extra screen(24 inch) will help with being able to use larger fonts. I am finding  that I like the speaking features also. In time I think I will end up using it a lot as a feature to read emails  and websites.  With the laptop I can take it with me when I travel. 

The new technology out there for low vision is wonderful. When you think how difficult it was for the blind and low vision in the past..wow... what a change. It all helps!! The only thing is the $$$$
It is expensive  and even with  Government Funding the amounts do climb up. 

The biggest thing I miss is not what you would have expected..my sewing!! 
Driving I truly loved!! 
Not just driving but driving anything. 
Cars, pickups, heavy equipment..and especially the big trucks!
I drove with hubby on and off for a lot of years in the big truck. Loved every minute of it and met some wonderful people. 
I miss just going for a drive!! In anything..lol

The love of horses continues but not being able to see some of the things they do as clearly as I used to breaks my heart. 
I just have to get up close and personal..lol to see them clearly. This is where my camera comes in..more pictures will be taken and expanded on the monitor.  

I am so very very fortunate...it all could be a lot worse. 
We all need to enjoy what we have and be grateful  for the memories we do have. 
Look what  the storm Sandy did to so many lives..how sad!

Pictures next time..just a ramble on a windy fall day. Enjoy the day. I will be back again soon. I hope my friends out there are keeping well I have missed you. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

We are Home!

What a journey we have been on. 

Rod's Aneurism  and valve have been repaired and replaced. It was a hard 13 days on him but it is over and now to recover. 

He did have complications that did no t help  and kept him in the hospital longer. The end result is what counts and that is being home again. 

Having never been in the hospital it has been a shock for him to find out about surgery in this way.Pretty good at 67 to have his first surgery. 

Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto is the best and we are so thankful we were referred to a Dr. in that hospital.

The nurses were just amazing. We met several with between 25 to 36 years experience in cardiac care.
 WOW!! What a difference theses wonderful nurses made. 

This wonderful fall weather is great to come home to. It sure changed quickly didn't it??

We were lucky enough to have Rod's sister and husband look after Harry. He had a ball and they were very happy with the way the little fella behaved. (thank heavens)

He sure has grown hasn't he..lol

Thank you so much for the messages. 
Helen I have lost your email addy??
Sorry for the spelling my vision is a mess and need to get new software to help with the computer. 

Keep well everyone. Hope to post more often. 

Hubby is walking more now so Harry and I are also getting a few more walks in..lol

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Heart Surgery

Life has been very hectic here. 

Hubby is going in for open heart surgery on Thurs. We take him down tomorrow. 

He has an aneurism ready to go (scarey) and has to have a new valve. 

We hope the decision is right but have decided to go with a mechanical valcve. It means blood thinners for the rest of his life. The good part is not having to have the surgery again. With the pig valve it has to be replaced every 10 - 15 years. 

So one day at a time. Iam going to be in the city til he comes home and all our critters are being looked after by friends and family. That I think is the hardest part of it all  in that we are not with them. 

Bye for now. I will be back when I can. My eyes are continually getting worse with the close up vision the worst.  I always say life can always be worse so  deal with it!!!! This also explains some of my typing and spelling mistakes. At some point I will get a program to help me with the computer. 

Enjoy the day everyone it is a great one here in Ontario!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Selling Sewing & Quilting Supplies

Due to my continuing vision loss I am selling a lot of my sewing quilting supplies. 

Quilt Kits
Machine Luggage (2 sets)
Sullivan Cutting Table with 
Ironing Cover

Because of my lack of ability to get to a post office I am limiting the sale to pick up only. So if your in the Lindsay, Fenelon Falls area and are interested please contact me.

It breaks my heart to do this but at this point my eyes are never going to be good enough to tackle most of the kind of sewing I was doing. 
As time goes on I will post some pictures and will also be putting them on Kiiji. 

Back to sorting!
Enjoy the day. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Hot Days Report

Check out this big boy!
He is in the next field to us along with his flys..ugh!
Can you see the lack of green grass?
He is being fed hay as there is no pasture left. 
Day after day of hot weather has taken care of anything green.
Along with Bully are 2 horses and a mini horse. Lots of room for them to survive without hay in a normal year..this is not a normal year!!


Another dry field. Never before have I seen it like this. Lucky fella is going on holidays for 2 weeks where they do have some green grass. 
My friend that rides him for me is on holidays so he s going to stay with her. 
Nice holiday!

So it is a great worry all this dry weather!!
If you live in the city it is just hot..but if you have farm animals or are a farmer this is dangerous. 
Think how much our groceries are going to cost this winter. Think how many farmers are going to be in financial trouble. 

Support local farming!!It is not an easy job. 
More Government funding should be there for them. 

Keep cool!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Rain Dance Needed

Dry, Dry, Dry!!!

Every field is crispy.
The only green is the trees. 

All around us has gotten the odd light rain. We have watched the dark clouds wander off to other areas time and time again.

Days are spent looking after farm animals to make sure they are dealing with it ok. 

Lots of people are not as fussy as I am about there horses and that is on them to know what they can live with and sleep at night!.
I admit I do fuss but that is me and I am not 
going to change!!!


You can't see the fan but it is there full blast..Bill is one happy lad snoozing away!
When I arrived he was flaked right out..lol. So I dropped his hay right in front of him..lazy you say..he just leaned over and nibbled. 
What a lad!!

Harry is GROWING!
Just one cuddly cute lad.

Same old routine here. To hot to do anything more than is necesary. 

Keep cool!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Hot Days Of Summer

The hot days are here again!

Harry is priceless. Something new every day to make us smile.
Every pup and breed is a little different but a pup is a pup. Slowly we are seeing the little differences. 
He is a quick learner so far. 
My main problem is trying to put him down on the ground..lol. He is so soft and cuddly I just want to spend my time cuddling and playing with him. That is not getting a lot of work done around here..lol..lol. 
Speaking of hot days...well Harry and I are not happy about this intense heat! Ugh!!

This picture says it all. Our little friend came with his Dad to watch us put the hay in last weekend. It all proved just a little to boring and with the fan on him..he was out like a light..lol
How cute is this!!!

Harry and I are heading to see my Mom this morning while it is still cool. She just turned 91 so her days are made just a little more interesting when Harry comes to visit. 

 I am off to the barn to bring everyone in again today..gotta love fans!!

So try and keep cool where ever you are.

Enjoy the day!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Hay Is In The Barn

We are done!!

The hay is in the barn for the next year!
Windy, sunny, and nice and warm during the time needed to get the job done. 
Thank You to our friends for all there help. You are incredible!

One square bale turned itself into a round bales..lol

Well it was Canada Day when we were haying...lol

So now the weather can do whatever it wants the hay is in and we can relax..just a little..lol

On my travels back and forth to the barn from the house on my little cart I get to see so many lovely things we just don't notice from a car..like these lovely roadside flowers. 

I hope everyone is keeping cool and safe. 
The weather has veen just brutal for so many of our American friends and fellow Canadians

Keep Well and Enjoy the Day! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Name Is Harry

Thank You
to all that left comments after my last post. 
It is never easy losing a pet which has become part of your family. 

Within hours of being in the house with just the cats I called hubby in tears. This is to hard I miss her so much. I want another dog. I know it is to soon..but when is it not going to hurt. 

So I started looking. Some looking mess I was in tears at the computer looking for dogs..with no enthusiasm at all..just looking.
After our Pyr Sammy died we always said we would get another and maybe this was the time. 

As it turned out I saw an ad with pictures of Golden Doodles. 
Not sure how I would feel about it we went to see them. 
With low vision I said to hubby..your decision whatever you say..we can still look for another Pyr or maybe it is to soon and we need to wait.

Arriving we found a wonderful breeder who had been doing this for 9 years and this was the last litter. It was time for her to retire and spend some time travelling with her husband.  We met both the female and male dogs. Very friendly and well behaved just loved them both.
It was not long and hubby  walked over to Little Harry and said..this is the one. 
I was so surprised because I knew he really wanted another Pyr.  
Nope he said this little fella I really like..lets take him. 
Well with the low shedding and a lot of other positives  like the parents on site and likng what I saw..lol..I was game if he was. 

So here is Little Harry 

I  am still having my moments thinking of my Kally girl but I know she is out of pain and that is a big issue with me. 
This little fella brings with him some laughs and the hope he has a healthier life than our poor Kally had. 

This little fella is one smart pup. Sits for his leash..very few piddles..runs for the  door when he wants out. I think we have a good pup so far. 
No regrets getting another so fast. It is a compliment to Kally that she left such a void in my lives as big as she did that it was not a home with her gone. 

Let the games begin..lol.

We are now living in Harry's World..lol. 
It should be an interesting ride. 

Helen-Mary maybe I can make a dog bed for him..thanks for posting your project. 

Have a Wonderful Safe Canada Day Weekend.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goodbye My Little Kally Girl

Kally came to us as a sweet little pup. 
Easy to train with a very quiet personality.
An overall sweet dog.
Unless there were socks around..lol. 
She ate over a dozen socks in her 8 years with us. 
It did not seem to matter how careful we were or our guests. She could find them and off to the Vet again. 
We finally figured out all her secrets, thank heavens..lol
The big thing was her allergies. 
23 of them!!!!
Yes we tested her and it was staggering!!

For most of her life this poor pup had to be on steroids. 
We tried everything and always had to come back to the pills. 

At 2 she was x-rayed to find both her hips were completely out of the sockets. 
We decided to keep her until she showed severe issues with that also. 

We paid for a Pure Registered Breedable Puppy. 
Needless to say we never did breed her. 

In the end it was the allergies that took her. 
Because of the steroids she got Cushings Disease. 
Finally it was time to say goodbye to my best friend. 

We had our daily routine and our special times of the day. She was my other half. 
It is hard  to not have her in my life and only in my heart. 

Another pup will have to make its way into my heart the way Kally did. 
Because I live where and how I do there will be another dog. 
The tears will be there still but mixed with happy ones I hope. 

I sure miss my Little Kally Girl
Such a Special Dog and My 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Low Vision & My Cart

My blog title should change but no...I like it and even with not being able to sew very much it may as well stay. 

The horses still are my number one love and sewing used to be my second. It has been taken over with my dealing with low vision. More stories on that to follow Maybe a little subtitle is needed. 

My little cart is working out well for the warm weather. There are issues  that are interesting at times. I do stay very close to the grass when driving up the road to the barn. Last week a very wide load  with a pilot truck front and back along with two police cars whipped past me. OH MY!! He did not come close to me..but the overall size and my little cart..WOW! 

To think I used to drive a tractor trailer and take wide loads out west with my hubby..and now to my little cart. LOL

Talk about downsizing..lol

The one thing you need when dealing with most problems in life is humour. Believe me it is being used over time right now. 

Services for people with low vision are expensive if even available. Just going for a Dr. appointment takes major planning with both drivers (if you can find one) and the Dr.'s office. 

The one thing people say is call me if you need anything. That is not easy. You know they are working and have other issues they are dealing with  so you don't like to bother them. 

If you know someone out there with health issues not just vision loss. Change that and call them and say I am going shopping or to the medical building on such and such day ..would you like to go with me. Just that small change makes it so much easier on the persons guilt feeling and in the planning. 

Vision loss is nothing compared to so many other health issues. It is just a darn pain in the butt trying to get from here to there...lol. Oh ya!! and a few other things..lol. My main point is..it could be a heck of a lot worse. 
One day at a time
It is a learning process 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Max & Bill

Max & Bill

First visit to there new stalls
They have been watching for weeks from there paddock that something big was happening in the barn
Finally it is time

Max as expected was pretty nervous coming in but it did not take long for him to settle in. 

A quick sweep of the floor and we left them to relax and check out there new surroundings.

With that we found that some how our weekend was over

How did that happen!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Warm Weather

Long Hot Days 
No Rain

Forecast today and tomorrow for storms and I really hope we do get some nice long soaking rains that help the crops. 

North of us has been a combination of flooding and forest fires. What an odd combination in one province. 

As you can see Tippy is handling the hot weather very comfortably..lol

The barn still needs more work but that is going to happen when it cools down a touch!!

A picture of my old garden. The plan was to start it again but the barn has taken so much of my time that I decided to go with some containers instead for this year. 
One step at a time. It has taken me years to figure out taking on to many projects just does not work..lol

Well off to the barn to bring in some warm horses so they can have a cool restful day. I don't think they will mind if  all the work is done or not!

Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Barn Renovations Update

                Fantastic weather and I am loving it. 

There  has been the odd rain shower to keep the grass green. 

The barn renovations are almost done. This weekend should finish the last stall. 
But lets face it barn work is never really finished..lol

This is the stall for our mini's. Isn't it cute. The next one ocer is for Raz the Oldenburg. Check out that one board that went darker with the stain. If I did not find it so interesting the way the wood is and the way the stain went on I would change it..lol. 

We are so lucky to have a great friend that has helped us with the planning and building. This project would have been an entirely different story 
without his help. We appreciate his help so much. 
Thank you Steve!!!!

Needless to say the yard at the house needs some attention now the barn is almost finished. 

Enjoy this great weather. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Slow Progress Now!

It was a busy weekend!!

Pressure washing has started.  The few stalls left to be taken down are not a big project. This weekend will be more cleaning before the painting can start never mind building stalls.  We need longer weekends. 

The sand is in most of the stalls which was another big job.  What a great feeling to get to this stage. 

I am hoping to get my new scooter in the next few days. With the price of gas maybe that is a good thing..lol.  Just a few more weeks to go and we will see if my eyes have changed since my last appointment. 

Rain is needed so badly. So rain dance whatever..lol. we need your help. It is wonderful seeing the sun out and the spring weather but it is very dry. 

Enjoy the day!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let The Painting Begin!!

Good Morning!!

What a wonderful day..the sun is finally out. I am in the beginning stages of a huge project. We are rebuilding all the stalls in the barn. This weekend we are digging all the stalls out and putting new sand in for drainage then the building starts. It is supposed to rain but that is ok as long as the weather man is right that the temps are supposed to remain in the teens (C) So now the painting begins. Lots and lots of boards to be painted. 

Last weekend being Easter we had a great time over at friends. The meal was fantastic and the laughs endless. Once the meal was over the kids..(all in there 20's) decided to get the draft horses out and go for a ride. Some of these lovely horses had never been ridden but they sure did not care. I am not sure who had more fun the kids or the horses. 

Off to the barn!! This project is going to take sometime to finish..but at least it is started.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring And Changes

Spring is here. We had 2 weeks of incredible weather. The ice went out of our lakes earlier than ever before, what a treat.  Then the cool weather returned. It is cold but at least we are without the ice and know that the warm weather is not that far off. 

I have started my seeds for the veggie garden. It is so exciting to be able to plan on playing with the soil again. It has been a few years since I have had my garden so I am back to reading and planning where everything will go. It is early yet for Ontario but it does not hurt to play..lol. 

I had my 6 month check up with my eye Dr. yesterday and things are not good. Back to monthly visits and yes I AM able to drive for now. One more episode and I will not be able to.  That may happen now or who knows when..weeks, months, years!! Unfortunately with the dramatic changes in the last 6 months there is concern.The Dr. said it was time to start making plans in case things don't work out sooner than later. 
 So with that in mind hubby said to just go ahead and get an electric vehicle so I can get used to it now     

So here is my new ride.tada!! 

It will take 3 weeks to arrive but at least it is ordered. It even has a weather cover so I can keep fairly comfortable in bad weather while driving. 
It comes with headlights, brake lights, signal lights..drink holder..lol. 
Goes 18km an hour. It is like a golf cart but narrower and more heavy duty. Very powerful so no problem getting from here to (the barn) there. 


I will be putting all sorts of reflective on my wind cover which will be fun. 
Lol..maybe my granddaughters can help make it a cool looking cover..lol

Enjoy the sun!!