Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend of Rain!

Well I guess the rain will clean things up..but there is so much yard work to do. Rod spent a busy time on everything outdoors until the dreaded down pour started. The dump run was a wet finally happened. The garage and basement have a lot more room in it. Only 2 items went back into the basement. Pretty good considering all the "stuff" that came out of it last weekend. Thanks to all our friends. Your help made it all happen. The job is completed for another season.

There was a mad scramble into my sewing studio on Sat. when the words Horse SHOW on Sunday were said..oh my!! Only had the job of putting the name of Brooke's horse Savannah on a saddle pad and lead shank for 2 months..yikes. What was I Not a big job..and it is done. Will I EVER learn!!

The kittens are 6 weeks old today..and just a tad I was so tempted to bring a pair home for the day ..but I was good. Another 2 weeks and some will be heading off to there forever homes. Tomorrow I am going to let them out of the tack room to play in the barn. With all the doors closed they will be fine playing in the alley way...Now that will be cute to watch. Now you know what I will be doing tomorrow.

Heavy traffic with it being a long weekend here in Ontario. Not a weekend to go far. Have a great weekend everyone. Keep safe!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pets & Cleaning

First of all thanks to Allyjo for her post. We have had issues with the like you insurance. No point!!
Hey it is about your Mufasa kitten..check out my Marmalade..I think they are And..oh my I read some of your postings..7 Min. frosting. That has been my fav for years. Your the first person I have heard mention it in so many years. Way to go Allyjo!! I hope you can keep busy with the family away..big change isn't it.

Kally & Fuzzy in play mode..but always willing to have a picture taken. What a pair. Fuzzy is convinced he is a dog.

Back to the yard sale. It was a great success. I was just to busy to take pictures. People started at 7a.m. and kept coming til around 7p.m. Was in bed and asleep 8p.m. Got rid of a pile of "stuff" now to do the dump run this weekend. Fans are in the basement along with a dehumidifier and finally I can see an end to this story. All in all people..we ALL have way to much "stuff". Oh except for

Time to head back to my cleaning..and maybe even some sewing this afternoon.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cleaning the basement after a spring flood it helps that our street is having a yard sale. When the snow was melting and everything was a total mess outside..of course the basement had a flood as well. Now it is a "basement" but it still creates a lot of clean up work when this happens. The wonderful people that decide who gets there ditch along the Hwy. cleaned out (which is right in front of our house) keep telling me we are not on there "list". The last time they did this cleaning..we had a dry basement for several springs. I keep saying to them..but your compromising my foundation...falls on deaf ears. Drives me crazy...especially as I am the one to clean it all up..and deal with the molds that I am paranoid about. In any case..Sat is the yard sale. We have like so many families accumulated so many duplicates of furniture..ect...or called Junk!!! It will take more than one sale to deal with this but it is a start..then we can make a dump run...that I love. Tomorrow morning I am going to get some fans..and see if that helps the situation down there. Don't even care if I make any money..just want it outta there.
Now I have had my rant I will head to the shower. Tomorrow is another day. Sewing..what is I did find some cool fabric in some bins down everyone!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Creative Sewing Festival..oh my!!

Bunny and I had a great time. So much to little time. We both fell in love with the B-Line machine quilting frame and are saving our pennies. Just where we are going to put these large toys is another issue. Oh well..we know when it comes to our toys we WILL find room. When I had my ladies wear store we of course had a steamer. Boy have I missed that hand dandy way of doing shirts. Picked up one of those at the show. Already using it..great for Rod's uniform shirts. Saves me a lot of time on busy weekends when the last thing you feel like doing is ironing.

Managed to restrain myself in the kit department. Only got one bed It is called the Split 9 Patch. The colours don't look the brightest in the picture. Going to cut this out today. Should go together quickly.

We were on our last tour of the exhibits..when what does Bunny spot..this!!!

You got it..I HAD to buy it. This one will be a challenge but I can hardly wait to get started. I am going to slow down and really take my time with this one. They had it at the show all framed up and hanging on the wall. Oh my was it gorgeous!!!

We checked out all the new machines as we wandered around. Still have a hankering for a Sapphire 870 Quilt. What a great machine. I love my Mega Quilter..but it would be great to have all those stitches AND the extra room in the throat plate. Just think of all the fancy quilting that can be done instead of just doing in the ditch...hummmm!!!

More is starting to return to a normal pace what ever that

Starting off with Kitten update

Been more than a little busy around here so I am behind on my kitten pictures. They have changed even more since these pictures. Will have to try and get some more today. There adoptive new homes are all ready and waiting for these little ones.