Saturday, February 23, 2008

No New Fabric

Today is Member's Day at Fabricland and I am SO proud of So tempting but I am staying home. Still lots of fabric in my stash, can't even say I need thread or I'm being good. The quilt I am working on may need a backing but again I will wait and see..then only buy what I need. If I go out I know I will be tempted into buying fabric that has no relation to the quilt I am trying to I hear a lot of gals saying they are not "out" there like they used to be and I think the economy has a lot to do with it never mind our winter weather. The Creative Sewing Festival in Toronto is coming up in April..and that will be another hurdle to cross. That may just trip me

For the horse are some pictures of Briana out with one of the Percherons. Have to acknowledge I did not take these pictures. Who ever did got some great shots.

Well back to my quilt..have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stash Quilt

Ok so I have done it again!!! In a hurry and did not bother to look at the pattern I am kinda following for this quilt. Same colour on each block NOT the way I was playing around..geesh. Which I sure did not like..ugh!! What Was I Anyway no sewing done so no big deal. It is all coming together nicely so next to finish the triangles..and get this top ready to quilt. I have not had to buy one piece of fabric so far for this using stash!!

Another cold spell and some more snow coming. In the last week we have had freezing rain and then snow so you know how slippery it is under that snow..oh boy!!! The lads have had to spend a few days inside..but are back out now enjoy there rolls in the nice white stuff.

Kittens coming..Miss Purr is expecting yahoo!!! Her last litter were so sweet. She is a fantastic Mom and they all had her wonderful personality so it will be no problem finding them homes. Not hard to tell her condition never mind her growing size..she is so sucky..lounging in the Tack Room in her bed on the window What a girl!!!

Have a great day everyone.....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sample Blocks

These are not sewn together..just testing out what the blocks are going to look like. Very I tried using the beige around but it was to blah!! With sewing them all to each other with no other border you can imagine..yuck. So will continue with this..and see what happens. Love the colors. Will be very

Finally some sunshine..but a windy very cold day out there. Good to stay inside and sew.

Thank you to all my wonderful friends that have called and sent email and snail mail cards for my 60th Birthday. did the last 10 years go so quickly. Now to take advantage of some Senior

Monday, February 11, 2008

Miss Purr

This sweet little gal is a fantastic mouser..and an awesome Mom to her kitten/cat Mackie. (The rest of the litter went to amazing loving homes. We had to fight to keep Mackie from being adopted..but hey people it is about the mice) Needless to say Miss Purr is a barn cat. Now many barn cats do not live in a heated tack room. They keep us in stitches..what a pair. Mackie loves to do chores with me following me everywhere..while Miss Purr likes to wander in search of mice. Both race around in complete freedom enjoying life..what a!!
So cute on the cold mornings when I open the Tack Room door..out they race..ready to take on the world ...cold feet, cold feet..and twisting in the air..back to there heated room...and there beds in a nice warm window. Its ok Jude..we will see ya at lunch when it is warmer..shut the door on your way out will ya!!!

This is Miss Purr in my car..oh we do so love those heated Please do not flexs those claws on the leather seats. Geesh I knew we should have gone for cloth.

Still working on the quilt..Mom's satin top..well it is waiting for me. I know just do it..!!! Another one of those Bunny comments ringing in the back of my mind!!! She is right. Maybe should send the darn thing to her. LOL>>lol.

Keep warm everyone in Ontario..cold and now more snow on the way. Even the boys are in the barn for most of the day. Will let them out for a few hours but even horses do not need this stuff for to long. ( well at least mine don't )

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Lads..Max & Bill

Hey BJ here are the boys!! Showing a little more age but doing well over all. With all the snow the legs are nice and white. Have not had them hitched this winter. Max's back legs are not the best so those days I guess are over. We have a neighbor with Percherons so we head over there for sleigh rides and adventures. Let the younger folks deal with the young energic Nice to be able to just stand back and watch.

Picked out some fabric from my stash to make a scrappy is the preview of what I am playing with. Anything to get rid of some of this of course then buy more. Never

Friday, February 8, 2008


Snow Ya!! Say!!!

Another storm arrived and we spent yesterday shovelling and being plowed out. Our county workers are on strike so we were not sure just when we would see our main side road cleared.

Got out of bed yesterday to a mountain of snow at the front door. Poor old Cinder dog was not impressed. Kally just danced around trying to figure out just why..we were not going out as quickly as we usually do. I took a picture using a pop can to show just how impossible it was to get out. We ended up going through the garage..that would work..right..NOT!! Opened the big door to another mountain of snow to deep for the girls to go out and do there business. Shovel in hand I cleared a small area for them. By then they were desperate and I was becoming just a tad frustrated..little did I know how that was going to be my mood for the rest of the Got the dogs settled and decided to grab the camera again and take some pictures of the front door from just past the garage. What a was to my knees and over. Took some time to get it cleared. My body was not happy..but what was I to do. Rod was not going to be home for hours yet. Then on to look at the car..and the driveway. Just not going to happen with a shovel..and then with the strike..and no plow for the main road. Time to phone and ask Steve (wonderful neighbor) to drop in and feed the horses for me. As it turned out he had just fed them realizing I was probably completely snowed in. What a relief!!!

As the sun came up I decided to venture out and clean up as much as I could the area aound the car and garage door. Could not believe my eyes..there was Gary a neighbor up the road with his 4 wheeler..and little blade on it clearing the main road. He had a flight to catch..and he said I am not going to miss Well bless his heart he made a nice path the the main hwy..and cleared the knee deep snow away from the front of my car. By noon I was able to go and feed the horses on my own. What a day!!!

Just after getting the horses out at lunch. Hubby came home and along came the plows to really clean up the mess we were in..Now we are all cleaned up and ready for the next snow which I hear is coming soon. Sewing you ask..well I did not even get in the room. Better days soon!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kally's Allergies & New Tote Bag

This is a very large tote I made from a Kwik Sew Pattern 3464. This also includes Quilt Roll pattern and an Organizer for threads. Fantastic pattern. I made it up out of heavy denim and upolstery fabric. Have to admit it is heavy and another time I will make it out of cotton. Fantastic as a weekend bag or for taking to quilt classes.
Oh my poor pup. Kally is only 3 years old but has suffered with allergies since she was just over a year old. The ear infections have been an issue for a lot longer...since she was a pup. Finally last fall we got allergy testing done. Poor Kally is allergic to over 23 things. Have to post a picture of her sometime..she has no hair around her little eyes...and fusses and chews at ther feet on bad days. The first place to start was changing her food. What a difference that has made..but still we fight with the ear infections. The latest seems different. Our Vet (she is just amazing) changed her medication and it seemed to clear it up...until...yes it is back..grrrr!! Now I keep all my meds for the pets in one place (have learned over the you think I could find the new drops..NO!!! So off to the vets to get more..another $45. Just wait I will find the tube this I have spent the money.
While doing that yesterday I took my Mom to the bank/post office..and the Lab to get her blood work done. Mom does so well in driving herself around but there are days that it just is to much work. I am so happy when she asks me to take her someplace. Gives us time to Really Nothing like being locked in a car together to get caught up. Gave her an update on her pink satin top which I am disliking just as much as she I have not sewn with satin very often and now know why I prefer to quilt and sew just about anything

Monday, February 4, 2008

Valentine Tote

Trying out Blogging

I have had such a great time reading Blogs. Heck if they can do it surely I can figure out how to do Maybe because it has been such a hard winter for us in Ontario...I am bored!! Snow, ice,wind..we have had it all. Spring can not come soon enough for me.

Sewing and the horses sure have made life bearable. Time to start on another quilt. A pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop is staring me in the face. Now to grab some fabric from the stash and see what I can come up with. First I have to finish a top Mom was having trouble with. Satin..what a challenge. I should just serge the edges..but the color is impossible to get in serger thread and I am to Scotch to buy regular thread.

Now to learn how to post pictures. More to come as I get to the next stage in this Blogging World