Monday, July 4, 2011

July And Warm

What a busy weekend. So pleased I got my grocery shopping done earlier in the week. Living in a tourist area makes you plan ahead on holiday weekends. Only one quick trip was necessary over the weekend to town. Perfect!!! Some have taken today as a holiday as well. Can't say I blame them. The weather is just gorgeous.

Hubby and I spent some time working at the barn getting ready for the hay. Looks like it will be cut this week. The upstairs at the barn needed to be swept out and a few things moved around. I think we are ready. Also time to paint and spruce things up a little. I would love to spray the entire inside but I don't think that will happen this year. Some major fence repairs are needed so that will be done first. Bill and Max have managed to chew on some of the boards and now need to be replaced. I have put my old fashioned rememdy of Ivory Soap on the fence line that they like to mess with and that seems to have far. Worse than kids for getting into things.

I just love this picture. It is of Morgan our youngest granddaughter on the railway bridge in Fenelon Falls. She is looking out over our lake which is Cameron Lake. To the left of the picture on the other side of the lake is our Cameron Lake is part of the Trent Canal System which joins our lakes all the way up to Georgian Bay. I was lucky enough to grow up on this wonderful system and enjoyed boating every summer for most of my grade school years. This was the day of Graduation at the Public School..she has only one more year to go and then off to High School. Hard to believe her sister goes to High School this year. Wow!!

Hope the weather is as fine in your area as it is here..enjoy!!!

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Delighted Hands said...

Glad your weather is looking better-haying is hard work but a great accomplishment. Be safe.