Thursday, April 19, 2012

Slow Progress Now!

It was a busy weekend!!

Pressure washing has started.  The few stalls left to be taken down are not a big project. This weekend will be more cleaning before the painting can start never mind building stalls.  We need longer weekends. 

The sand is in most of the stalls which was another big job.  What a great feeling to get to this stage. 

I am hoping to get my new scooter in the next few days. With the price of gas maybe that is a good  Just a few more weeks to go and we will see if my eyes have changed since my last appointment. 

Rain is needed so badly. So rain dance we need your help. It is wonderful seeing the sun out and the spring weather but it is very dry. 

Enjoy the day!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Let The Painting Begin!!

Good Morning!!

What a wonderful day..the sun is finally out. I am in the beginning stages of a huge project. We are rebuilding all the stalls in the barn. This weekend we are digging all the stalls out and putting new sand in for drainage then the building starts. It is supposed to rain but that is ok as long as the weather man is right that the temps are supposed to remain in the teens (C) So now the painting begins. Lots and lots of boards to be painted. 

Last weekend being Easter we had a great time over at friends. The meal was fantastic and the laughs endless. Once the meal was over the kids..(all in there 20's) decided to get the draft horses out and go for a ride. Some of these lovely horses had never been ridden but they sure did not care. I am not sure who had more fun the kids or the horses. 

Off to the barn!! This project is going to take sometime to finish..but at least it is started.
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring And Changes

Spring is here. We had 2 weeks of incredible weather. The ice went out of our lakes earlier than ever before, what a treat.  Then the cool weather returned. It is cold but at least we are without the ice and know that the warm weather is not that far off. 

I have started my seeds for the veggie garden. It is so exciting to be able to plan on playing with the soil again. It has been a few years since I have had my garden so I am back to reading and planning where everything will go. It is early yet for Ontario but it does not hurt to 

I had my 6 month check up with my eye Dr. yesterday and things are not good. Back to monthly visits and yes I AM able to drive for now. One more episode and I will not be able to.  That may happen now or who knows when..weeks, months, years!! Unfortunately with the dramatic changes in the last 6 months there is concern.The Dr. said it was time to start making plans in case things don't work out sooner than later. 
 So with that in mind hubby said to just go ahead and get an electric vehicle so I can get used to it now     

So here is my new ride.tada!! 

It will take 3 weeks to arrive but at least it is ordered. It even has a weather cover so I can keep fairly comfortable in bad weather while driving. 
It comes with headlights, brake lights, signal lights..drink 
Goes 18km an hour. It is like a golf cart but narrower and more heavy duty. Very powerful so no problem getting from here to (the barn) there. 


I will be putting all sorts of reflective on my wind cover which will be fun. 
Lol..maybe my granddaughters can help make it a cool looking

Enjoy the sun!!