Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Canada Day

I hope everyone has a wonderful time with friends and family on Canada Day. Here is a song from our own Stompin Tom.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


As everyone our area the weather has been up and 3 days of sun anywhere. UGH!!! Well we got lucky and had an opening. Our friend Pete thought it was worth a try. It worked, the rain the day we were haying went on either side of us and we got 90% in the barn. The last 2 loads we got in on the Sunday. SO HAPPY!!
A huge thank you to our help. An all girl team for most of Sat.then along came 2 young lads that sure made all the differenc with there help when everyone was tired.
Sun. lots of help to finish it off. What a great feeling it is to see a barn load of Call me strange but that is just the BEST Our new boarders went above and beyond to help us and I am so grateful. My haying days are over which frustrates me beyond words!!Hubby still goes up in the mow one of the warmer places to be no matter what the weather. Not sure how much longer he can do that job. Hate to admit we are getting

The news has been full of our Earth a feeling. Literally the earth does laster in the day we had Tornado warnings for our area. Not what you would call a good day..but hey we did not get all is well. Some wake up call thats for sure. 2 events in one day was enough.

Then this past weekend we had in Toronto and Hunsville the G20 & G8 Meetings. Unbelievable what went on in Toronto. So much property damage. All in all I think the police did an amazing job. The location was not well thought out..and the cost..was just incredible. Why not put them all on an Aircraft Carrier in the middle of an ocean and let them talk away. No one will try and hurt them there. Or...the UN. Whatever..just don't leave us with all these expenses. CRAZY...the money could have been put to much better use!!!

Well I am outta here. Up to the barn then some sewing.

Enjoy the day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Bye Dear Fuzzy Cat

He was our friend

What an entertaining little guy with a whopping big attitude when things did not go his way. The kids named him Fuzzy obvious reasons. We brought him home when he was only 5 weeks old. Fuzzy was not doing well at the farm he was born at. We took him to the vet..and got him some medication and he pulled out of whatever it was that was the problem. We never did find out what was wrong. Looking back I know we were lucky to have the 5 years we did have with him. He never put on much weight but seemed very happy. The last few months I have known he was not well but finally we could not leave it any longer and took him in to the vets. He had only a few days left to live so we had him put to sleep. His kidneys were shutting down and it was time to say goodbye. He hated needles so it was not an option to treat his condition and keep him with us longer.
I had taught him to shake paws when someone came in to the house. Whenever someone came he was always right at the door like a dog. Paw out wanting the attention. His friend Marmalade (cat) is very lonely along with Kally(dog) and of course is so quiet. He always sat on either my computer chair or my sewing It was a constant.. moving It was a game we played all day every day..neither of us got tired of it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Give Up!!

Sanity needs to return to my life over this camera charger deal. $79.99 plus tax plus shipping. DAH!! So I went and bought a cheap camera of the same make with the same charger as Worked out to almost the same price..and I have another camera. May not be as nice as my good one..but it will do and I have a Just wait..the other charger will now show up..but who cares..enough wasted time over this.

Yesterday we spent time at the barn moving things around in the tack room so we could mount some saddle racks for the new people/horses tack. Our huge harness for the Clydes in one corner and the little saddles in the It is going to work out great. The mares are settling in well. Can't wait to see what they are like in a month or so..they will be fine.

I was pretty sore and tired last nite..but you have to keep moving with arthritis. The rain we have had has not helped the way I have been feeling but it is what it is. I go in this week to have my eyes checked again so praying there are no further changes.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gotta Be Here!!

The title means so much in this post. Slowly I am finding things with all the turmoil that has gone on in this little house. My sewing room is almost back together. Cords you say ....WoW!! A cord for each machine..and then the computers...I have bags of cords. Old camera's new camera's..cords..grrr!! My most important accessory is my charger for my camera. I have looked up and down and inside and out..and no charger. Last nite I got the last of the pictures I can get until I find the darn thing. I am sure it is going to be in a stupid place I have looked at 100 times..but that sure is not happening right now. I checked on the internet..and it is going to cost me $79.99 to get a new I HAVE to find it. There is no doubt in my mind if I order a new one it will turn up. Is that not CRAZY that it costs so much for a charger..good grieffff!!!!

We have new additions to the barn. 2 lovely mares..palominos. We had room for 2 boarders and found a gal with a pair of horses that needed a place. Very quiet older mares so I am sure they will fit in. There was the usual running around but that only lasted about 10 min and that was over and everyone started to eat. Our Murphy I am sure will enjoy the company of some big The mini's just don't measure up at

Well back to looking for the charger and a few other things before I head to town for some groceries. Enjoy the day..hope it is dry for you..still damp and raining off and on here..but then we were complaining of the heat a few weeks

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Stuff

The ceilings are done. What a much better and worth all the hard work. The painting had to be put on hold so my hands could recover. Lots of hard work and they were extremely sore. This week I got back at it and am almost finished the main rooms. There are a lot of repairs to be done in the bedrooms so they are going to have to be painted again. The trim at the ceiling level were painted on over the years so when the trim came down also came the damage to the walls.
I do thanks some wonderful friends that have helped with this project.

Our youngest granddaughter has made a pet of a chipmunk..the entire family are having a great time with this little guy. He now sits on the ledge of the livingroom window waiting for some movement..and insists it is time to be fed. Lol..this could prove to be a problem in the they are having fun now.

The village that the kids live in has a cemetary close to them that they enjoy walking in. During one of there family walks..check out what they saw...No idea where it came from or where it went to. I gather it has been all over town surprizing people with its present..and of course its beauty. So far no one has come forward to say they have lost a Peacock. Isn't it just gorgeous..the colors..Oh MY!!

Time to head to the barn. Lots of rain finally so not the worries about the horses. They are enjoying there pasture time. You can almost see the grass growing.