Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Fence

What a busy weekend we had!!! Hubby has wanted to replace fence boards at the barn for years. With him only home weekends we always have a list of things to be done that is longer than the Finally a great weekend weather forcast sent us to the lumber yard for our repairs. This weekend we have only one section to do and we are done.

Our biggest challenge were ardox nails (not sure of spelling If there was one of those nails there were 10 in each board..OMG!!! The new boards are up with screws..enough of the nails. Never again!!!! Our young friends that keep there horses at the barn were a wonderful help with taking boards down and removing nails. My dear husband has a torn rotator cuff so could only use one arm so it was a lot of work but it is done. (he is going for surgery as soon as we can get im in..that is aother story!!!)

The horses were priceless..they helped with each board. Doc the dark Quarter horse was in our way the entire Murphy..well he came and went to check things out. Pepsi and Willy the mini's..OMG. Pepsi was into the bag of screws every time I put the bucket down..he wanted to sneak off with a bag so badly. I have to say they were a riot!!!

Old boards that had way past there time..gone!!! At one time many years ago it was a stallion pen so it had multiple boards that also had seen better days. If hubby was away and a repair had to be done I have to admit I did some pretty messy fixes to hold til they could be fixed All gone..and repaired. In the spring we are going to have to replace some of the we can take some of the boards down (nice part of using screws) for that part and put them step at a time. What a huge to stain the boards. Just hope the weather will hold so we can get that done before winter.

A huge thank you to all our help. Never could have done it without them and I am not talking about the

Several sewing things going on. My Mariner's Compass is back from being quilted so will get some pictures today. I am over the top excited to see it finished. My farm quilt is coming along nicely and another project for Christmas in 1/2 done. I have a new pair of glasses that are helping with my sewing so that is a huge bonus for me to be able to spend time in my little room.

Enjoy the is going to rain here for the next few days. Can not complain..we are in need of rain in our area..many wells in trouble..not good this time of year.

Bye for now



Delighted Hands said...

What a great improvement and nice job to have done! Love the way the horses 'helped' ; they are very curious, aren't they?! Looking forward to the quilt!

Linda said...

Judi the horses are beautiful.
If you are around this way stop by for some apples for those cute fellas (horses).

Anonymous said...

My Hubby would go ape over your place as he loves horses. A farm boy just never gets over the farm life!
Can't wait to see the Mariners Compass.....

Bunny said...

Looks good great photos of the horses and Rod;)
Can't wait to see the quilt. I am sure it is gorgeous.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am very envious of you, you have a John Deere Gator, just bought a John Deere dump trailer for our lawn tractor. I love John Deere products,