Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comments..and Sewing!

I noticed on my side bar that it is showing so many wonderful areas/countries that are the homes to some great bloggers. I would love to hear from you..thanks for dropping in but please if you can slow down and leave a comment. I would love to hear more about you and be able to visit your blog. I know it is a pain to do when our lives are so busy..but it sure would be appreciated. It is so fun to look at the world map and see just where all my visitors are from. Oh my!! In any case thank you so much for dropping in even if you are to busy to comment.

My blog title says Stiches & Hooves..well I am sorry I have not shown a lot of stiches lately. I am still having trouble with my eyes so it has taken me some time to adjust to not sewing "perfect" seams and corners. Slowly I am venturing back to my wonderful hobby. I am just having to let some things "go". I am so lucky to have my #1 horses. They have helped me cope with this change in my life. I am very lucky!!

So here is a table runner I just finished. It was during this class I realized just how bad my eyes were. It is a Serger Class I took..lots of fun and did learn a lot. Yippee..something is finished. Now on to more UFO's that are waiting for me.

Still working on my Mariner's Compass is a queen size so it will be awhile. I started this quilt many years ago..and it is going to get done before my eyes get any worse. I would say I am 1/2 way into this quilt so will post some pictures soon.

Well off to the barn!! Have a great evening.

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Gentle Stroll

Our friends had dropped in for a visit and we decided it was a great day to hitch our horses and go for a wander and check out the fall leaves.
I gave the lads a whistle to come into the front paddock from there big field they graze in all summer long. When they were young I taught them when they heard me..they needed to come. Better than walking all the way out there to get them. You can pretty easily see Bill is saying ..?? what do you want??? It did not take long for them to figure it out.

Just liked they had been hitched the day before. What great lads they are. Both Bill and Max are in there late teens early 20' have had them so long we can't remember. Close enough.

Off we went for our tour. Now our lads are not show are just dear old pets that love to get out as much as we do..and well..we are kinda slow as well. Our friends who show there horses came with us. It was hilarious to hear them as we slowwlly walkeddd down the roadddd!!! LOL..LOL. There horses rarely are big..impressive, aggressive show horses..and they ``MOVE". What a gorgeous thing to see. (pictures of there horse in back post on this blog) I don`t think they have ever gone on such a slow They said oh can almost day dream while out So was so relaxing and the horses were that way to.

Back to the little yellow barn after a lovely walk with the lads..what an awesome day!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jobs getting Done

The weather has been terrific. Colder nites but that is ok. Still no frost but it is very close some nites. Got the lawn furniture away and the garage sorted as much as possible. Once the lawnmowers are out of there and stored in the shed at the barn..all will be well.

It was hard to stay focused on some of these chores when so much sewing is waiting for me in my room. Hubby got some more uniforms for work that had to have his name embroidered on them. They are 1/2 done. Fun to work even on that. It has been ages since I have embroidered. A friend just got the Husqvarna Diamond so this weeek I showed her the software I have. There is one newer edition but at least I could give her an idea of what kind of changes ect. you can do to an embroidery design. This week we are going to her dealer so she can learn even more about the newer program. I also have a lot of work ahead of me on my Mariner's Compass. I am over 1/2 done with this quilt. It is the boring borders that I am working on right now.

Here is a picture of a wallhanging one of the gals is finishing up at our sewing group. She just retired so is having a great time finishing up project that she started and had trouble finding time to finish off. I guess we are all in the same boat. We really do need longer days lol. Just love the detail in her tree. I am sure she has the perfect spot for it to hang.

Not sure how it happened but our daughter is 39 today and she was born on Sunday. I am so proud of her. What an amazing woman I have watched grow since that day 39 years ago. Terrific mom, great friend and the best daughter we could ever ask for. Happy Birthday Dear!! Cake is in the oven!!

Enjoy the day!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Awesome Time of Year

How can anyone not love this time of year. These pictures were taken on our back road past our place. These lovely old trees make it my favorite road. My Granddaughters call it the forest road. When coming to visit they always wanted to come the forest way instead of going around the other way using the hwy. Can't blame them!!!

The leaves are falling fast, one more good storm and that will be it. I am so happy I got some time to wander back to my spot and get some pictures before the show is all over for another year. There were deer crossing the road up further but I did not manage to get that picture. Oh well maybe next year.

Have a great weekend!!