Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring is in the air..yippee

Between spring break for the kids and hubby going on his holiday I have been far to busy.

Had a wonderful week with our Grandaughters. Managed to make up some tote bags with the oldest. She is mastering th machine better all the time. I am giving the girls a machine this summer. They are a little disappointed it is not one of the they can wait for that. (a very long time..lo)

We have friends that live in Thailand. Every 3-4 years hubby goes over for a visit and a well deserved rest. The flight is way to long for me with my arthritis and believe me I am fine with staying home. Early this morning I got a call from him to say he was there and enjoying a nice "hot" Thai meal. The one place they have at the top of there list this time is to go and see the Bengal Tigers. You can go up to them and pet them and play with the cubs. I am so looking forward to those pictures. That takes on an entire different meaning to "here kitty, kitty"

While the kids were here it was mentioned that the oldest needed a laptop case. Naturally I said hey I will make you one. I am in the process of that right now. Might have been better to just buy her the one she In any case I will post some pictures as I progress.

Spring is indeed in the air..we have kittens again. One is spoken for..the little dark one with the brown face. Several people looking at the they will be gone quickly. Oh these are so sweet, and for the first time we have fluffy kittens.

Off to Fabricland this time. I will "try" and be good.

Enjoy the day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Confusing Week

There is nothing worse than being sick while on the road. Poor hubby got food poisoning while travelling in the USA. (it was the shrimp at a buffet..ugh!) We finally got him in a hospital but he was so dehydrated it took awhile to convince him he was sick enough to go. It is so difficult when your dealing with such a distance. He is home now and will take time to build up after that experience. Needless to say no sewing happening around here.

The snow has been going with all this warm weather. More rain coming this afternoon. Does not hurt my feelings. I have had enough of winter. This years Sleigh Ride was a wagon ride. We got a few pictures but it was not a pleasant day. Just at the end of the ride the skys opened up. Did not go on the ride hubby was still pretty weak. That was the one weekend we had wanted

Enjoy the day!!