Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Holiday

I had planned on blogging regularly but life just seems to have gotten so complicated. Hopefully I can get back to some kind of routine soon.

At the very last minute we had to cancel our holiday. Hubby's torn Rotator some other health issues with him just made it impossible to go anywhere at this time. I have no idea if I am spelling some of these medical conditions correctly but really...don't care. We are now waiting for Dr. appointments and will go on from that point. Don't you love the hurry up and wait!!! Ugh!!

In the past 2 weeks or so we have gotten one phone call after another of horrible car accidents involving friends families plus the death of another young friend. It all has been overwhelming to say the least.

When life starts to hit you like this you just have to take it one day at a time. There is always somone out there that is having a worse day..and we ALL need to think of that.

Isn't it incredible when you think about it one point we knew 2 young people fighting for there lives in ICU in one week at the same major trauma hospital in Toronto. The poor families..oh my!! Both are going to live but have some very hard days ahead of them.

Funeral of Friday for our young friend. She leaves behind a loving family and a young girl without her Mom. I just hope they find out what took her life. I know not knowing must be so hard for the family. She was fine..then was in the hospital and lost her fight. A mystery to many Dr.s. How sad for them after such a hard battle by both the Dr.'s and there patient.

So now to pray that life will not bring such sad news again for awhile. Have a great day everyone and treasure them. I will be back when I can.