Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wow..it has been a month since I have posted. There has been a lot going on and the days just got ahead of me. We have one friend who has just finished cancer treatment and another just starting. I sure does tend to unnerve you when you see so much in one group of friends. Our granddaughters best friends mother is also undgergoing Chemo. All this makes you realize just how fortunate you are to have good health.

My dear husband turned 65 yesterday. The years have just flown. Seems like yesterday we were a young couple full of dreams and worries about tomorrow. Now we are just older and still the same. Gotta love the dreams. We can not complain we are doing a lot better than a lot out there. Gee did you hear about the lady in Ontario that won the 20 million dollars. She used her last 4 dollars and got a ticket. A broken marriage had made her life difficult. When asked about the X..she said it sucked to be him..lol..lol. I hope she enjoys her win...lol.

March break for the kids was fun. Got to spend some time with our two granddaughters. They both love horses so we spent a lot of time at our barn and at there barn so they could ride. Our Mini's are just a bundle of fur and are taking a lot of brushing right now.

The weather was great for a hack so off they went and enjoyed every minute.

Party is over..the kids are back to school and now I have to get myself back into my routine. Not nearly as fun as the past few weeks but that is ok. I can also get rested up..lol. If I get to bored there are horses that are in need of brushing and a barn that is showing winter wear that needs some TLC. Oh yes and some sewing..lol.