Monday, June 30, 2008

Mini Horses

Just had to post a picture of my little friends that live across the road from our home. Are they not the cutest. It is all I can do not to buy one. Really don't you think that would make more sense than the Highland Next visit I will try and get some pictures of the foals..oh my are they ever sweet.

This is my Fav...just love this ones colors..and that face..awwww!!!

Now for the 9 patch brown quilt. Not a quilt I am in love with. I thought it would be ok for hubby's truck..manish and all that but when I got sewing it..good!! Can you believe it.!!! Sure enough the lights where I bought the fabric did not show it as pinky just beige. I put a choc. brown border on it which did help..but not Well not a happy camper but it is ready to be quilted. No matter who I asked..saw that darn pink so it will just have to go into the stash of quilts. Fuzzy likes it..silly cat just follows me around. He is a real character.

Well off to do some gardening..have a great day.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Those Horns!! they came..they were interesting..UNTIL...they decided that the horns should rub on the fences..the poles..the trees..ya!!! right. We did have electric on that field..but during the winter it came down..and ya!! know it was just not worth it for a few weeks to put it all back up. SO they are back home where they are not my worry. Cool looking from now on from a distance. Will stick to my

At this point ..these are enough to keep my Just love the shading, gorgeous.

Met up with some sewing buddies at Fabricland this morning. Great sale on so I wanted to stock up on some Warm & Natural batting. 50% off store wide, great time to stock up.

There is a group of us making a Koos Jacket (pattern from Vogue) this fall so several of us managed to find what we needed. Really looking forward to that class. Bunny coming up from Burlington to teach us the class in Sept. Nothing like planning

End of by cattle business..and back to Stitches & Horse

Thursday, June 19, 2008

You Can Borrow Cows

Will try this again..grrr. Had my last post all ready to go and managed to wipe it out. Not my day so trying again.

Check out the horns..oh my. These are Scottish Highland Cattle. Cool lookin dude isn't he. There are 3 of them in the field. The cows are easier to see there long hair with them being a lighter color. What a mop of hair over there eyes. Makes you wonder how they can see where they are going. We needed the front pasture eaten down so we asked a neighbor if we could borrow these The horses and even the cats..are totally fascinated. Bill keeps starring ..and all but asks..what the heck..lady is THAT??? Hubby is threatening to put up a sign..DIAMOND JUDE'S CATTLE RANCH>>> Not to worry these visitors are not staying long. Boy do they attract flies..ugh!!!

Heading off to do some shopping..then back to some quilting. Have a great day!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kittens & Quilts

Not sure how we got to June..but here we are!!

I finally finished the Scrappy Quilt, what a long project that was. Looks amazing and will post a picture later.

Now on to a quilt for Rod's truck. He got a new mattress in his truck so the old quilt is not big enough. Good enough reason for me. Heading off for another week on the road, hopefully with a new quilt soon. We have learned to love

I am not sure about the colour yet. May not be manish In any case we can always use it somewhere else. The pattern is called Split Nine Patch. Would love to play with some other fabric colours.

Kittens are a riot. Every trip to the barn takes forever..gotta play with the cuties. Still have 2 kittens that need forever homes. They can stay with us..but I would love them to go to "homes". This little one is Tippy. White tips on her back feet. She is the only fluffy one in the litter.

Off to get some work done. Have a great day!!