Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Warm Weather

Long Hot Days 
No Rain

Forecast today and tomorrow for storms and I really hope we do get some nice long soaking rains that help the crops. 

North of us has been a combination of flooding and forest fires. What an odd combination in one province. 

As you can see Tippy is handling the hot weather very comfortably..lol

The barn still needs more work but that is going to happen when it cools down a touch!!

A picture of my old garden. The plan was to start it again but the barn has taken so much of my time that I decided to go with some containers instead for this year. 
One step at a time. It has taken me years to figure out taking on to many projects just does not work..lol

Well off to the barn to bring in some warm horses so they can have a cool restful day. I don't think they will mind if  all the work is done or not!

Enjoy the day!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Barn Renovations Update

                Fantastic weather and I am loving it. 

There  has been the odd rain shower to keep the grass green. 

The barn renovations are almost done. This weekend should finish the last stall. 
But lets face it barn work is never really finished..lol

This is the stall for our mini's. Isn't it cute. The next one ocer is for Raz the Oldenburg. Check out that one board that went darker with the stain. If I did not find it so interesting the way the wood is and the way the stain went on I would change it..lol. 

We are so lucky to have a great friend that has helped us with the planning and building. This project would have been an entirely different story 
without his help. We appreciate his help so much. 
Thank you Steve!!!!

Needless to say the yard at the house needs some attention now the barn is almost finished. 

Enjoy this great weather.