Saturday, May 23, 2009

Busy Busy

The days are just flying by. Between the barn and the house I am not sure which one is taking up more time. We needed another stall put together so Friday was taken up with that. Bill (Clyde) has a fantastic new very large stall. Nice and open so great air flow for those hot days that are coming. On the really warm days I like to bring the guys in during the day and put fans on them. They have a great day of rest and head out to pasture in the evening. Spoiled yes..and that is the way it should be!!

Pepsi and Will are doing great but do manage to get into a lot more trouble than the big guys ever have. They are so darn small they can get into places I never thought would be a problem. That will be fixed tomorrow when we get a new electric fence up. That should solve the problem. The little guys are enjoying there big field. Every so often they take a rip around the field at a break neck speed. Just to cute.

Just got a call from our daughter..on the way to the hospital. Our oldest granddaughter was on a know the story. Heard something crack in the ankle area..poor kid. Will have to wait and find out just what will happen "this" time. Poor kid has had trouble with both knees and other growing related problems so this is just adding to the list of injuries. Poor kid!! Sometimes it does suck being a kid!!

Enjoy the weekend, love this weather. Oh sewing..whats

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Introducing Pepsi & Will

I have wanted to buy Mini Horses for a long time. Well here they are at last. A friend of mine bought one and I got the other..we have not figured out who got which Who cares!! The little guys are 2 & 3 years old. Yesterday we got them gelded so no more hormone antics. Did not take long to remember what a pain studs can be in a In a few days they can go out to pasture and play. This fall we are going to get them used to harness. Should be fun.

On the Quilting front..I am still working away on Rod's. Ugh..just want it done!! Like it...just time to work on something else.

Tuesday is a workshop for Quilts of Valour. Will be a fun day seeing some gals I have not had a chance to visit with for some time.

Enjoy the spring weather.