Saturday, November 10, 2012

It Is All About Learning

Every day is something new for us. 

Hubby has started Heart Rehab and is enjoying his 2 days per week trip to the hospital for this. The Dr. will not let him go back to work until that is finished which is the middle of Feb. It is hard on him being home all the time but no choice until l this is done.  

My eyes  continue to be an issue. 
I have been going to the CNIB for testing to find the right programs for the computer to use that will help keep me in touch with the cyber world. On Friday I ordered my new laptop/screen and program. The extra screen(24 inch) will help with being able to use larger fonts. I am finding  that I like the speaking features also. In time I think I will end up using it a lot as a feature to read emails  and websites.  With the laptop I can take it with me when I travel. 

The new technology out there for low vision is wonderful. When you think how difficult it was for the blind and low vision in the what a change. It all helps!! The only thing is the $$$$
It is expensive  and even with  Government Funding the amounts do climb up. 

The biggest thing I miss is not what you would have sewing!! 
Driving I truly loved!! 
Not just driving but driving anything. 
Cars, pickups, heavy equipment..and especially the big trucks!
I drove with hubby on and off for a lot of years in the big truck. Loved every minute of it and met some wonderful people. 
I miss just going for a drive!! In

The love of horses continues but not being able to see some of the things they do as clearly as I used to breaks my heart. 
I just have to get up close and to see them clearly. This is where my camera comes in..more pictures will be taken and expanded on the monitor.  

I am so very very all could be a lot worse. 
We all need to enjoy what we have and be grateful  for the memories we do have. 
Look what  the storm Sandy did to so many sad!

Pictures next time..just a ramble on a windy fall day. Enjoy the day. I will be back again soon. I hope my friends out there are keeping well I have missed you. 

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Delighted Hands said...

Ramble have a lot to adjust to right now! You have a great attitude!