Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little Big Man

Yes Harry has been a busy lad growing..lol

If you can believe it..lol. I did ask him to sit on the sofa so you could see how big he has gotten. 
He is a blast!!
The dog bed our good friend Kathy gave him. WELL does he love it..he literally pitches it around the room. 
His training is coming along well but with the puppy attitude still so strong we are only going to get so far until he calms down with a little more age..lol. The basics are covered so that is the main concern and will take the rest in time. 

Off to the city today for some shopping. 

Have a great day everyone. The bad weather is coming so get outside and get the last of the Christmas lights up while you can. 

1 comment:

Delighted Hands said...

He is a beauty! Glad you are enjoying having him in the family!