Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Hot Days Report

Check out this big boy!
He is in the next field to us along with his flys..ugh!
Can you see the lack of green grass?
He is being fed hay as there is no pasture left. 
Day after day of hot weather has taken care of anything green.
Along with Bully are 2 horses and a mini horse. Lots of room for them to survive without hay in a normal year..this is not a normal year!!


Another dry field. Never before have I seen it like this. Lucky fella is going on holidays for 2 weeks where they do have some green grass. 
My friend that rides him for me is on holidays so he s going to stay with her. 
Nice holiday!

So it is a great worry all this dry weather!!
If you live in the city it is just hot..but if you have farm animals or are a farmer this is dangerous. 
Think how much our groceries are going to cost this winter. Think how many farmers are going to be in financial trouble. 

Support local farming!!It is not an easy job. 
More Government funding should be there for them. 

Keep cool!!

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Delighted Hands said...

It does look extreme! We have had enough rain this summer but already the drought in the midwest US is affecting cost of beef ( I have mostly beefers around me)for our ranchers. It is going to get even tougher, I am sure.