Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Low Vision & My Cart

My blog title should change but no...I like it and even with not being able to sew very much it may as well stay. 

The horses still are my number one love and sewing used to be my second. It has been taken over with my dealing with low vision. More stories on that to follow Maybe a little subtitle is needed. 

My little cart is working out well for the warm weather. There are issues  that are interesting at times. I do stay very close to the grass when driving up the road to the barn. Last week a very wide load  with a pilot truck front and back along with two police cars whipped past me. OH MY!! He did not come close to me..but the overall size and my little cart..WOW! 

To think I used to drive a tractor trailer and take wide loads out west with my hubby..and now to my little cart. LOL

Talk about downsizing..lol

The one thing you need when dealing with most problems in life is humour. Believe me it is being used over time right now. 

Services for people with low vision are expensive if even available. Just going for a Dr. appointment takes major planning with both drivers (if you can find one) and the Dr.'s office. 

The one thing people say is call me if you need anything. That is not easy. You know they are working and have other issues they are dealing with  so you don't like to bother them. 

If you know someone out there with health issues not just vision loss. Change that and call them and say I am going shopping or to the medical building on such and such day ..would you like to go with me. Just that small change makes it so much easier on the persons guilt feeling and in the planning. 

Vision loss is nothing compared to so many other health issues. It is just a darn pain in the butt trying to get from here to there...lol. Oh ya!! and a few other things..lol. My main point is..it could be a heck of a lot worse. 
One day at a time
It is a learning process 


Delighted Hands said...

Thank you , Judi for this post. It has been humbling for me to have to ask for everything these last two weeks since I have been immobile with my foot but it compares not at all with losing my vision! I appreciate the practical advice and will remember to use that when I offer help in the future. (Since I have enjoyed my motorized wheelchair, I am sure I would have fun on your cart, too!)

Jackie said...

Thank you for the reminder that while we often tell friends "call me if you need anything" that we don't follow up with that offer with something concrete. If we really mean it, we should.