Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Hot Days Of Summer

The hot days are here again!

Harry is priceless. Something new every day to make us smile.
Every pup and breed is a little different but a pup is a pup. Slowly we are seeing the little differences. 
He is a quick learner so far. 
My main problem is trying to put him down on the He is so soft and cuddly I just want to spend my time cuddling and playing with him. That is not getting a lot of work done around 
Speaking of hot days...well Harry and I are not happy about this intense heat! Ugh!!

This picture says it all. Our little friend came with his Dad to watch us put the hay in last weekend. It all proved just a little to boring and with the fan on him..he was out like a
How cute is this!!!

Harry and I are heading to see my Mom this morning while it is still cool. She just turned 91 so her days are made just a little more interesting when Harry comes to visit. 

 I am off to the barn to bring everyone in again today..gotta love fans!!

So try and keep cool where ever you are.

Enjoy the day!!


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Beverly said...

Hi Judi...
Your pup is adorable. And what a cute pic of that little guy konked out on the hay! It is awfully hot here, too. All our horses are in front of fans...and I am staying indoors whenever possible! Keep cool!!