Thursday, April 19, 2012

Slow Progress Now!

It was a busy weekend!!

Pressure washing has started.  The few stalls left to be taken down are not a big project. This weekend will be more cleaning before the painting can start never mind building stalls.  We need longer weekends. 

The sand is in most of the stalls which was another big job.  What a great feeling to get to this stage. 

I am hoping to get my new scooter in the next few days. With the price of gas maybe that is a good  Just a few more weeks to go and we will see if my eyes have changed since my last appointment. 

Rain is needed so badly. So rain dance we need your help. It is wonderful seeing the sun out and the spring weather but it is very dry. 

Enjoy the day!!


Delighted Hands said...

wow, nice big barn! It is going to be incredible to have it renovated inside and out!

missy max said...

looks like you have a big job on your hands..we've had little bits of rain this week..It all adds up but we're still behind..not a good way to go in to summer...