Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yippee..the HAY IS IN THE BARN!! has been awhile since I posted. Sorry but it has been a little busy around here. The rain finally gave us a break and last Saturday we got 662 bales of nice grass hay in the barn. I was so worried about the little guys hay. Course hay would have been impossible for them and we would have had to haul in hay just for them. We didn't even have to salt it. No is just perfect. Lets hope next year is not as wet.

Lots of help so it did not take long to finish the job. Started at 1:30pm and had it all in the barn by 6p.m. Lovely breeze that day so it was not the killer job we have had to do other years in 30 plus degree temps.

Pepsi & Will were fascinated with the entire process. I don't think they knew what to think of all the noise and

One very tired little guy(our neighbours son). He spent some time at the barn but loves riding with his Dad in the tractor. He has his own baby seat so he is good and safe. He is one cute little guy so we always enjoy his visits. (Do you remember how MUCH a 2 yr. old

Off to the barn..chores are waiting. Oh..went to the Cannington Quilt Show yesterday and had way to much fun..that is another story.


Bunny said...

Wow looks like you had quite an eventful day. Sounds exausting to me LOL. The little guy is too cute.

Delighted Hands said...

Always a good feeling to have the hay in.........looks good.