Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mischief Mini's

I sometimes wonder if there is not more work in the summer than the winter. The cool summer has been great in some ways. Now we are into a heat wave we are back to bringing the big lads (Clyde's)in during the day. They are showing there age and the face flies are driving them crazy. The big fans keep the flies away while they are inside..and the breeze has them asleep in no Even the barn cats have decided to just hang around. No hunting going on in this

We have gone the route of fly masks but after many $$$ spent to find them lost in pasture we have given up. Max absolutely refuses to have anything to do with them and Bill has lost to many to count. Easier to bring them in during the worst of it and turn them out at nite.

Now on to the mini's..trying to find them masks is the first battle and the next to make sure if I do use them that they don't get hung up on a branch or some such thing. They seem to find trouble all the time. Pepsi I am sure has a brutal sense of some of his antics crack me up. Last nite when we brought the little guys in after eating there vitamins all of a sudden Will decided to roll. First time I have ever seen him do that in the stall(and it is a big stall). Sure enough he cast(which means upside down) himself up against the wall. I could not believe what I was seeing. Thank heavens I was there at least now I do know he does roll..but now I will worry more!! Right..animals..never ends. In any case he got himself out of the pickle he got himself into..but "what the heck"..grrr!!That is stuck in my mind!!!! At least they are small and I could handle that on my own not like a Clyde getting cast. (hubby travels)Lets hope this does not happen again.

I went out in the gator 2 weeks ago and cut any and all burr branches I could find in the mini pasture. How on earth they manage to find them I have no idea. So back again this morning to see if I can find more branches. Both the little guys had found another bush and are a mess. A little mineral oil in the mane and tail makes it easy work to remove but that is not the

Well off to do chores..keep cool.another hot one today. Summer has finally arrived.


Judi said...

Hi Judi
What an interesting story. I didn't know horses did that and I was trying to vision the whole thing. You sure would be busy getting them straightened out again.
Isn't that something about the thorny bushes too...I've really enjoyed reading this post.
hope you have a nice day tomorrow...and keep cool. Summer has arrived indeed!

andrea said...

big horses gettign cast is scary stuff - hope the clydes stay smart :)
glad the mini showed you he rolls while you were right there :)