Monday, August 10, 2009

Hangin out with the Percherons

Last Sunday was play day. Our neighbor called and said they were going to hitch the were on our way. Of course not forgetting the camera.

Here are some pictures of that afternoon. It all started with hitching the 4..then on to the 6 horses. Just love the feel of the ground moving when the 6 get tramping..oh boy!! Lots of friends there to help with the hitching and unhitching so the day went smoothly. After we had a wonderful meal and lots of stories.

Hope you enjoyed the 6 Hitch...


Bunny said...

Oh I love those horses they are so beautiful. Great photos, I need to come for a visit, not that I get that close to them cause they are so huge.

Gizmo said...

Such an amazing site and feeling! Bunny, you don't even have to get close to FEEL them. :)

Judi said...

Hi JudiB
I could be Judi B too because I spell my name the same way and my last name starts with a B.
I live in Ontario also and yes we sure did have lots of rain this summer also.
That 6 hitch looks like so much fun! The horses look so handsome too. fun..
Where do you live in Ontario?
come by and visit..

Jackie said...

They're gorgeous! The size of them is evident in the pics that have people in them. I've always loved horses but as a city girl have not been exposed to them much. I also love the winter picture in a prior post! Just gorgeous!