Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Socks & Kally!!!

Well Kally somehow has either managed to find a sock (we are so careful not sure how)or has gotten into something else. She is one very sick little dog. Her picture is back a few posts. This will be the second time this has happened to this extent. Last Oct. she had to be rushed in to the Vets. That time she managed to finally pass 2 socks if you can imagine. She was one very sick dog but we did managed that time to avoid the surgery. Not so sure this time. Of course our own vet is away on holidays so that is another worry...I hate dealing with a different vet. Waiting for 8:30a.m. to make phone calls. She is the sweetest little dog and has these one or two fetishes not to forget papertowels and T-paper..ugh!!
Thank heavens I have Insurance on her but even then it is going to be expensive. The last quote I got was $2,000 and she could do this again!!! OMG!!!
Time will to do chores then find a vet.


Beverly said...

Oh my Judi....I do hope it all comes out ok! I had a dog that used to tear up the kids soccer socks and eat them. Always passed them in very colorful ribbons! Yikes. Best of luck Kally!!

andrea said...

I noticed her picture when I first found your blog ...

poor you and her - fingers crossed all works out ... keep us posted!