Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to Embroidery

I hate to admit it but I have hardly had time to use the embroidery unit on my new machine. It is taking a little getting used to. Minor differences that can drive you crazy. Love the SE..great machine. Trouble is I am still stuck in D1 Time to get some projects going that need some embroidery so I can get truly used to the new one.

The weather has been so discouraging. It is like a rain forest out there. We had a dandy thunder storm last nite so that kept me up later than I wanted.

Our oldest granddaughter is away at camp. Wonder what she is thinking of that now she is there. She was all excited about it but then she was Wish I could say I envy her but I hated camping and I am not

Not much in the picture front..but I did take one of the last batch of kittens. Tippy is going in for her big operation as soon as possible. Sure hope I can find some good forever homes for the little ones. Anyone out there


Delighted Hands said...

Is there anything cuter than a kitten?! I would like you to email one to my son......okay?

Bunny said...

Oh my more kittens. She sure gets out that cat of yours LOL. They are adorable. I know you will love the SE once you get going on it. On the run today chat later.