Saturday, August 22, 2009

Storms & Stockings

Tornado warnings Wednesday nite were all over Ontario. We were lucky but some were not. There were multiple touch downs with one death and hundreds of homes damaged. The power of the weather is just incredible. I took this picture as the sky was changing.

The group of gals I meet with on Tuesdays were busy working on a variety of projects. It is always inspiring to see what they are up Helen has been working on some Christmas Stockings. Just love the vintage look. Looking forward to making some stockings this year.

Have a great day!!


Bunny said...

Yes the storms were terrible, so happy you were safe was a bit worried when I heard they were coming your way. We had a lot of rain and terrible winds and lightening thunder etc. Feel so bad for the many that had so much damage to their homes.
I love those stocking look amazing am looking forward to my visit.

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful pic of the storm, tho!

andrea said...

Wasn't the sky wild?

ranette said...

I didn't realize that Canada had tornadoes until just recently when 3 business men from a town near me went on an annual fishing trip to Canada and where killed when their cabin was flipped into a lake by a tornado. They all grew up in "tornado ally" as this area is called and one gets them up north.
Pretty picture of the storm.