Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kally is Home

It has been a long day but in the end I have her home and that is what counts. I took her to the Beaverton Crossroads Vet Clinic ( my Vet is on holidays). Dr. Gilbert was terrific in treating her and has such a nice manner in the way she explained everything. Kally had x-rays an enema and barium for more x-rays. She finally passed a sock which was well empacked in the bowel. Had been in her system at least a month. It was the enema that finally got her to pass it. Surgery would have been very difficult so I am glad the day ended the way it did. Now to hope that does not happen again. Heading to bed..been a long day.

Thanks for the calls and the notes my friends it is appreciated. Our pets sure can age us can't they!


andrea said...

YAY - so glad she's home and didn't need surgery

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I'm just reading this about Kally now?? Oh my gosh!!!! I'm so glad she is fine... Thank goodness Dakota never got into that habit.. Those darn fur babies..LOL