Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stash Quilt

Ok so I have done it again!!! In a hurry and did not bother to look at the pattern I am kinda following for this quilt. Same colour on each block NOT the way I was playing around..geesh. Which I sure did not like..ugh!! What Was I Anyway no sewing done so no big deal. It is all coming together nicely so next to finish the triangles..and get this top ready to quilt. I have not had to buy one piece of fabric so far for this using stash!!

Another cold spell and some more snow coming. In the last week we have had freezing rain and then snow so you know how slippery it is under that snow..oh boy!!! The lads have had to spend a few days inside..but are back out now enjoy there rolls in the nice white stuff.

Kittens coming..Miss Purr is expecting yahoo!!! Her last litter were so sweet. She is a fantastic Mom and they all had her wonderful personality so it will be no problem finding them homes. Not hard to tell her condition never mind her growing size..she is so sucky..lounging in the Tack Room in her bed on the window What a girl!!!

Have a great day everyone.....


BJ Reed said...

Love how this quilt is looking!

Bunny said...

Looking good, colors are great. You go Girl. Bunny