Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kally's Allergies & New Tote Bag

This is a very large tote I made from a Kwik Sew Pattern 3464. This also includes Quilt Roll pattern and an Organizer for threads. Fantastic pattern. I made it up out of heavy denim and upolstery fabric. Have to admit it is heavy and another time I will make it out of cotton. Fantastic as a weekend bag or for taking to quilt classes.
Oh my poor pup. Kally is only 3 years old but has suffered with allergies since she was just over a year old. The ear infections have been an issue for a lot longer...since she was a pup. Finally last fall we got allergy testing done. Poor Kally is allergic to over 23 things. Have to post a picture of her sometime..she has no hair around her little eyes...and fusses and chews at ther feet on bad days. The first place to start was changing her food. What a difference that has made..but still we fight with the ear infections. The latest seems different. Our Vet (she is just amazing) changed her medication and it seemed to clear it up...until...yes it is back..grrrr!! Now I keep all my meds for the pets in one place (have learned over the you think I could find the new drops..NO!!! So off to the vets to get more..another $45. Just wait I will find the tube this I have spent the money.
While doing that yesterday I took my Mom to the bank/post office..and the Lab to get her blood work done. Mom does so well in driving herself around but there are days that it just is to much work. I am so happy when she asks me to take her someplace. Gives us time to Really Nothing like being locked in a car together to get caught up. Gave her an update on her pink satin top which I am disliking just as much as she I have not sewn with satin very often and now know why I prefer to quilt and sew just about anything

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