Saturday, February 23, 2008

No New Fabric

Today is Member's Day at Fabricland and I am SO proud of So tempting but I am staying home. Still lots of fabric in my stash, can't even say I need thread or I'm being good. The quilt I am working on may need a backing but again I will wait and see..then only buy what I need. If I go out I know I will be tempted into buying fabric that has no relation to the quilt I am trying to I hear a lot of gals saying they are not "out" there like they used to be and I think the economy has a lot to do with it never mind our winter weather. The Creative Sewing Festival in Toronto is coming up in April..and that will be another hurdle to cross. That may just trip me

For the horse are some pictures of Briana out with one of the Percherons. Have to acknowledge I did not take these pictures. Who ever did got some great shots.

Well back to my quilt..have a great day everyone!!

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BJ Reed said...

Ah what beauties, all of them!!