Friday, February 8, 2008

Snow Ya!! Say!!!

Another storm arrived and we spent yesterday shovelling and being plowed out. Our county workers are on strike so we were not sure just when we would see our main side road cleared.

Got out of bed yesterday to a mountain of snow at the front door. Poor old Cinder dog was not impressed. Kally just danced around trying to figure out just why..we were not going out as quickly as we usually do. I took a picture using a pop can to show just how impossible it was to get out. We ended up going through the garage..that would work..right..NOT!! Opened the big door to another mountain of snow to deep for the girls to go out and do there business. Shovel in hand I cleared a small area for them. By then they were desperate and I was becoming just a tad frustrated..little did I know how that was going to be my mood for the rest of the Got the dogs settled and decided to grab the camera again and take some pictures of the front door from just past the garage. What a was to my knees and over. Took some time to get it cleared. My body was not happy..but what was I to do. Rod was not going to be home for hours yet. Then on to look at the car..and the driveway. Just not going to happen with a shovel..and then with the strike..and no plow for the main road. Time to phone and ask Steve (wonderful neighbor) to drop in and feed the horses for me. As it turned out he had just fed them realizing I was probably completely snowed in. What a relief!!!

As the sun came up I decided to venture out and clean up as much as I could the area aound the car and garage door. Could not believe my eyes..there was Gary a neighbor up the road with his 4 wheeler..and little blade on it clearing the main road. He had a flight to catch..and he said I am not going to miss Well bless his heart he made a nice path the the main hwy..and cleared the knee deep snow away from the front of my car. By noon I was able to go and feed the horses on my own. What a day!!!

Just after getting the horses out at lunch. Hubby came home and along came the plows to really clean up the mess we were in..Now we are all cleaned up and ready for the next snow which I hear is coming soon. Sewing you ask..well I did not even get in the room. Better days soon!